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Advertising KnowHow Program Discovered

August 10th, 2007

Two days ago, while reading through some of the recent posts on the StartXchange blog, I discovered a new program called Advertising KnowHow. It’s owned by Robert Puddy, one of the fairly big names in the Internet marketing world and is somewhat difficult to categorize because it combines several different kinds of marketing methods under the same site. Probably the best way to characterize this is as a kind of all-in-one marketing platform. It includes a manual traffic exchange component, but is also a list builder, article submitter, downline builder, and affiliate program.

The traffic exchange part works a little differently from most other exchanges that I have seen. It has a 10 second timer and keeps track of your credits and page views like one would normally expect, but in order to click to the next site there is a little “floating surfbar” that slides onto the screen as soon as the timer runs out. It is approximately the same size as a standard banner and slides in from any side of the screen much like a glide-in or fly-in hover ad. The “click here” button is located on this floating banner, randomly mixed in with three “not here” buttons as a kind of anti-cheat feature. An interesting little perk to this exchange is that it is possible to pick up random referrals even as a free member if you surf at least 50 pages per day for five or more of the past seven days. An email that I received from them earlier today helps explain this:

Hi Karl,

Win rewards by surfing regularly at Advertising KnowHow.If you surf 50 pages on our floating surfbar for at least
5 days out of the previous 7 days we will reward
you with an AKH random referral that will be assigned to you
from the many members who join each day without a referrer.

This is important because we pay commissions on all your
referrals purchases. A steady growth in referrals can mean
a steady growth in income.

Your prize should be automatically added to your account within
a few days of winning but please allow up to 28 days before
contacting us as some days there are a lot of members to reward!

Here are your surf stats for this week:
2007-08-08 - 217
2007-08-09 - 200

You surfed 50 sites 2 days out of the last 7 days.
Keep surfing to win rewards!

Don’t forget you can jump straight in and start earning
more traffic and rewards.

Robert Puddy
Advertising KnowHow admin

PS: The secret to creating massive action, turning it
into massive income, building a responsive list, and
a large group of active affiliates is a free membership
site… with a plan.

Although there is no cost to join the program, there are optional paid upgrades that allow you to receive more favorable traffic exchange and ezine credit ratios. All upgrade packages also provide monthly credit bonuses and free random referrals. The upgrade payments are handled by PayPal subscription and range from $7.97 to $24.97 per month.

Update 8/26/07: I have confirmed that the random referral system works. I managed to surf 50 pages or more for six of the past seven days, and today I received an email informing me that a new referral had been assigned to my downline. After logging into my account, I can now confirm that this referral indeed exists.

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