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LPStuff.com Expands Selection, Offers Back to School Items

August 12th, 2007

An e-commerce site called LPStuff.com that has offered Libertarian Party products and campaign supplies since February 2006 is now expanding its selection to include some back to school themed items such as bags, backpacks, and stationery. The site is gradually accumulating a good collection of T-shirts, bumper stickers, campaign literature, and other items that are useful for promoting the Libertarian Party and increasing public awareness of our existence. The email update from earlier today details the latest sales promotion:

LPStuff.com is getting into the school spirit!

We have everything you might need for the coming months. Whether you are showing your political spirit at the big game or simply carrying your new Libertarian books to your next seminar; LPStuff.com has it all. Stadium blankets to jackets to caps, sweatshirts and educational materials too!

Speaking of new merchandise, LPStuff.com is proud to offer a line of bags, briefcases and backpacks all sporting the classy Libertarian logo. Each bag is of solid construction and not only offered in a variety of color choices, but your choice of embroidery thread color as well.

We also have a sneak preview of our latest designed t-shirt up right now - if you take advantage of the pre-order sale, (coming up soon - you can’t buy it yet) you’ll save some money - but you will save even more if you sign up for the LPStuff.com mailing list as we offer even deeper discounts through the mailing on LPStuff.com merchandise.

Trying to get your message across in a big way? Try one of the many banners we offer. You can choose from our design gallery or contact one of our designers and have a custom banner made just for you or your party. On sale right now for only $6 a square foot, this is a deal that can’t be beat. Offer good till Sept. 1.

Hurry now to LPStuff.com to cash in on the savings.

LPStuff.com Staff

I will probably order some of the T-shirts over the next few months, as many of my current shirts are now obsolete because they display the logo and URL of the defunct StudioTraffic program. Of course, this does not make much sense in terms of promotion, and of all the areas that the LP needs improvement in, promotion and brand name recognition are surely near the top of the list.

In addition to the merchandise offerings, LPStuff also has a forum where you can discuss issues related to the Libertarian Party with some of the members and state party chairs. Although the forum is not yet as active as I would like, it still contains some pretty good threads and provides a reasonable venue for both general and political discussion.

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