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Clixsense Account Upgraded

August 14th, 2007

Update 5/09/12: Please see my updated review for ClixSense here. Some of the relevant information has changed since this original post was written. Overall, the program has significantly improved over the past five years and is still consistently paying its members.

I have some good news for those of you who are wondering about whether or not it is worth it to upgrade at ClixSense.

Approximately one week ago, after being a free member for a several months, I finally took the plunge and upgraded here by using some of the PayPal money that I had received from Quick Rewards. The process itself went very smoothly; I was instantly credited with the upgrade after the payment was sent through PayPal from the site. The first thing that I noticed after I returned to the main Clixsense menu and clicked on the “Get Paid to Browse Ads” option was that I now had 511 new ads waiting for me (yes, over five hundred), several of which were worth more than the usual one cent. This was certainly a pleasant surprise considering the fact that I never had more than around 20 ads to click on at any one time as a free member, even if I waited several days between logins.

It took a while to get through all of those clicks, but as I did, I couldn’t help noticing that many of the advertisers were not the usual work at home types of programs that we usually see being promoted at “get paid to” sites. Many of these ads were from well-known companies like Rubbermaid, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the Discovery Store, Comcast, Vonage, Skype, Napster, and even Wal-Mart! This is encouraging because if mainstream organizations and retailers are willing to advertise on Clixsense, then it is likely that at least some of them are seeing favorable results, which is definitely good news for both clickers and advertisers.

Meanwhile, I have noticed that the daily availability of ads has increased significantly since upgrading to the premium membership. This is not really surprising since there are many advertisers who are sending clicks to premium members only. The reasoning behind this is that because upgraded members have paid the $10, this group of people has already proven that they are willing to spend at least a small amount of money online and are much more likely to possess real purchasing power than the free members. It gives advertisers a convenient way of weeding out the “tire kickers” and sending their paid clicks to people who are more likely to spend some money at their sites or perhaps buy some items from their retail store locations.

At this point, I have managed to bring my earnings over the $9 mark and should be reaching the $10 minimum payout threshold soon, at which time I will have the chance to confirm payment from them and recoup the cost of the upgrade. The premium membership remains active for one year, which means that at the current rate I am seeing new ads appear (which is approximately 20 per day if I log in at least twice), the cost of the upgrade can be recovered in about two months with a small amount left over. The other ten months after that will be pure profit as long as I stay fairly active. Thus I have concluded that as a clicker at least, the upgrade is worth it because it greatly increases the rate at which you can earn money from the program, and the risk of loss is minimal.

The next major test for Clixsense will be to try it out from the advertising side. I have seen some people promoting standard lead capture pages here as well as some of the usual Clickbank affiliate programs. Advertising for leads seems like an interesting idea because I know that it is possible to target by interest category and geographical region, and since the cost can be as low as one cent per click, this would be cheaper than AdWords most of the time.

The main disadvantage over PPC search engine advertising is that individual keywords cannot be targeted, but I don’t know exactly how this works out in terms of offsetting the lower cost. After I have recouped the $10 upgrade cost, I will probably try out some type of advertising campaign here just to see how it goes. Since it is possible to convert earnings from clicks into advertising, I will be able to experiment with this without having to spend any additional money at the site. After I have been paid and am able to set up some ads, I will make another post to report my findings.

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