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SAS Increases Odds on Match Game

August 19th, 2007

On Friday, Share Ad Space implemented significant improvements to its new match game in response to frustrated members who were getting screened out of the game too early and were unable to reach the higher levels. Admin Rod Baker has improved the odds of completing the beginning levels somewhat by removing some of the “game over” boxes and has further sweetened the deal by offering a $10 prize to the first member who completes level five. Here are the details from that update:

Hello members,

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the launch of the memory game and it’s time to loosen the purse strings a bit. Some of you may have grown frustrated over the constant clicking of the GAME OVER boxes and have left the game.

Well, if you liked the game but were tired of losing all the time, you may want to give it another try. We have removed the TWO of the game over boxes in the level 1 game and ONE game over box in the level 2 game. Your odds of completing level 1 should improve dramatically. The two GAME OVER boxes have been replaced with a TWO CENT prize on level 1 and level 2 has two TWO CENT prizes!

There are still several BONUSES hidden in the 1 AD CREDIT boxes. There are “double your win” bonuses and CASH bonuses when matching those boxes up.

Also, there is a $10 GRAND PRIZE for the first person to COMPLETE all 5 levels of play (not to mention whatever credits/days they win during the game). No one has reached it yet. In fact, only two members have dared to reach level 3.

Be on the lookout for new prizes added to the game. I’m even considering some sort of “safety” feature you can use (sparingly) when you hit the dreaded GAME OVER box.

The framework of this game is layed out. Now what we have to do is make it challenging AND fun for everyone. Feel free to post in our forum (in the memory game section) any ideas on new prizes you would like to see. Maybe even some optional “booby traps” to help offset higher prizes.

Hope to see someone reaching the GRAND PRIZE very soon!

Rod Baker, admin

Meanwhile, Admin sent out another update today (Sunday) announcing a few more tweaks to the game, including a new jackpot feature and the possibility of winning free referrals in the future. Apparently, the Sunday updates are intended to become a regular event:

Hello members,

You should be getting use to the Sunday updates by now. A few more features have been implemented in the Match Game.

1. The LOSE HALF box has been replaced with a LOSE CREDITS box. This means when you encounter it, you will lose a random amount of ad credits between 1 and 100. You will not lose any cash credits or days. If the loss is greater than the amount you currently have won, your balance WILL go into a negative amount. The STOP LOSS feature is still available if you choose to stop this loss.

2. You will now notice a JACKPOT amount on the surf page. This jackpot will continue to grow for all members who play the game and hit the GAME OVER box. 1/5 of the ad credits that you had accumulated before you hit the GAME OVER is now added to the JACKPOT. The best part is, you now have a 1/100 chance of winning the JACKPOT each and every time you hit a GAME OVER box (that would be a nice consolation prize for losing!).

I am working on code for surfers to win free referrals as well and possibly a priority page where you get YOUR advertisement page viewed first by all surfers.

Stay tuned …

Rod Baker, admin

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