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Royal Surf Increases Traffic Quality, Adds New Membership Level

August 22nd, 2007

The Royal Surf traffic exchange has taken steps to crack down on cheaters in an effort to increase the quality of the traffic to its members’ sites. The program has also added a new membership level called “Royal Mage” which is rather expensive at $97 but offers lots of advertising benefits including “personalized service” where the mundane tasks of managing one’s account can be handled by the Admin. Right now, this level is being limited to only 10 members, probably because that is the number of special advertising slots available to these members on the login page:

Hello Karl;

I want to pass on some important information.

While RoyalSurf promises unlimited traffic that’s fast, fun and free, make no mistake we are very serious about making sure that traffic remains high quality too.

One of our recent moves toward fulfilling this goal was to implement Admin verification of all sites for our Free members. We feel that the trade off in a smoother surfing experience makes it well worth the inconvenience. More importantly, this action seriously impedes those who would waste the hard-earned (or paid for) credits of our honest members.

We’ve also implemented many new script changes which include checking banners against our banned sites lists, checking login IP addresses against our banned IP address lists, and a few other checks that help keep in check dishonest people.

As a result of these changes you may notice some slowdown in traffic delivery. However, the net result will be an overall increase in the quality of delivered traffic you receive.

Some of you may have noticed that the Joust does not start the week with as large a pool of credits as it previously did. This is because we are doing a better job of shutting down cheaters than ever before, and because we’ve adjusted the tournament to potentially provide better prizes to all five of the top kingdoms.

The end result of these changes is that the overall credits given out to all 5 kingdoms have been increased, and it is more competitive too. The top kingdom will still earn a significant amount of credits more than the other 4 kingdoms, but the amount received by the remaining 4 kingdoms can now grow significantly more than before.

If you found yourself among the top 5 kingdoms in the past, but not in the top kingdom, you may have felt it wasn’t as rewarding as you had hoped it would be. Those with the competitive spirit will now find those rewards to be more satisfying now.

Beware my jousting knights… the changes to come in the near future may shake many a knight from their comfy heights. The challenges you’ll face will be worthy of a great knight and I expect many a new knight will arise to the challenge.

On a slightly different note, I want to make sure everyone knows that every membership level now earns redisual traffic from their direct referrals. The more members you refer, who remain active at RoyalSurf, the more traffic you will earn to your sites.

Okay, the primary reason for this email is to introduce the serious advertiser’s membership:

* The Royal Mage *

This membership level was created specifically for serious advertisers who want to maximize their site exposure, who may not have the time to surf and/or aren’t interested in doing so; but if they chose to surf they want to be seriously rewarded for doing so.

This is no ordinary membership and it’s not for everyone. As was already stated, it’s only for the most serious of advertisers, who want maximum exposure and personalized service.

In fact, we are limiting the total number of Royal Mages to just ten (10) total at this time, on a first-come first-served basis.

The membership comes with personalized service such that the advertiser does not have to surf or even manage their account, because we will do that for them.

That’s right. Set It And Forget It!

You don’t need to surf or even login to assign credits and impressions, or check that your sites are rotating, because RoyalSurf will do that for you at least once every week.

How’s that for Personalized Service?!

If you do decide you’d like to surf, you’ll enjoy the absolute highest surf ratio in the kingdom!

And, you’ll be eligible to receive Random Referrals so there is the potential to earn 15% Residual Traffic too.

As a Royal Mage, you’ll receive exclusive major advertising exposure not available to our other members. Services totaling $180, NOT including the Personalized Service, at Nearly 50% Off!

Included, you receive $10 in Royal Coins every month and $5 bonus Royal Coins every 3 consecutive months. You can redeem your Royal Coins for $140 Worth of Free Advertising a Year!

24×7 Unlimited Maximum Traffic Exposure:
* 1 TextAd on Welcome Page After Login - $20 Value!
* 1 Site Rotated amoung StartPages - $20 Value!
* 1 Site Rotated Every 50-60 Page Views - $30 Value!
* 20,000 credits monthly - $90 Value!
* 20,000 banner impressions monthly - $5 Value
* 20,000 text impressions monthly - $5 Value

* UNLIMITED website urls
* UNLIMITED banner urls
* UNLIMITED text link urls
* Random Referrals
* 15% Of Direct Referrals Surf Activity
* Email Direct Referrals Every 7 Days

Additionally, anyone who upgrades to Royal Mage BEFORE Saturday, August 25th, will also have their RoyalSurf referral URL entered with our monthly advertising. Each month we spend hundreds of dollars promoting RoyalSurf and we’ll add your referral URL so the likelihood of receiving residual traffic will be much greater for you. We will leave your referral URL in that rotation for as long as you maintain your Royal Mage upgrade.

Remember, this membership is limited to the first 10 upgrades only on a First-Come, First-Served basis.

It will fill up quickly so don’t hesitate. If it becomes full we can put you on a waiting list in case someone stops their upgrade or we decide to increase the number of allowed Royal Mages.

Thanks, best wishes, and God Bless!

Michael Kelly

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