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AdBux Offers AutoLine Referral Service

August 23rd, 2007

The AdBux pay-per-click program, recently incorporated under the name Incentrum, is now offering a new type of upgrade service that promises to increase the number of active referrals in a member’s account over a 30-day period. Dubbed the “AutoLine”, it allows active members to automatically receive referrals from the program’s pool of members who have signed up without a referrer. It is being sold as a subscription service at the cost of $10 per month, although there does not appear to be any recurring billing involved. Members who reach the end of the 30 days and want to continue the service can make another payment through PayPal from the AdBux site.

Whether this new option will be worth it or not in terms of the referral earnings remains to be seen. The AutoLine is slated to become active at the beginning of September, but members who want to reserve their spots can sign up and pay for the first month starting from today. The latest email update from Zack explains the details:

AdBux AutoLine is now accepting subscribers. Adbux AutoLine was created because we wanted to offer our members a better way to increase their referrals and build their downlines. This new program makes that affordable and easy for ALL of our members to do! Anyone with an AdBux account can purchase a 30 day subscription to the AutoLine for only $10.00.Ad Alert

The long-awaited Ad Alert feature was launched for premium users. If you are premium, you will see “Launch Ad Alert” on your browse ads page.

AdBux AutoLine Explained

Adbux AutoLine is a 30-day subscription service from Adbux that automatically places un-referred users in your downline as they become available. Beginning today, spots in the Adbux AutoLine will be sold until we reach our predetermined maximum. To ensure that everyone enrolling in the program benefits substantially, we have to keep the number of spots strictly limited. AAL will become active on September 1, 2007. The program is open to all users, not just premium, so that everyone has a chance to maximize their earning potential. Premium members who enroll in AAL will have several benefits, such as earning $1.00 every time one of their referrals joins the AutoLine. Also, we have reserved a number of spots so that Premium members who are interested will be guaranteed acceptance into the program, even if the regular slots are sold out! Check out the link for AAL on your My AdBux page for even more details.

Referral Sales

Referral sales will still be offered, because not everyone can sign up for the AAL. A small percentage of the un-referred users will be available for sale in referral packages which are now offered at 10 refs for $14.95. The days and frequencies referrals will be sold is still being determined, but the current schedule will continue for the remainder of August.


The amount of available Ads is performing at much higher rates than the Old-NAS, and we are developing several features to increase this number

We want everyone to know that we greatly appreciate the suggestions, emails, and continued support of our members.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to visit the forums or email us directly by using the contact form on the site.


Incentrum, LLC
665 East Main Street
Lake Butler, Florida 32054

Update 8/28/07: The Adbux admin sent out another short update today notifying us of the upcoming payouts for August. He also says that we should begin seeing referrals showing up in our accounts by the beginning of next month:


August is almost over! There are still a couple days left to earn money for the payouts to be disbursed in September. Everyone who reaches at least $10 by the last day of the month will be eligible for payout. All users should take a minute to visit their profile to insure that all information is correct, ESPECIALLY your name and mailing address if you will be paid by check. If you choose to receive your money via Paypal, verify that the email address listed is correct. You can still change your Payment Method (Check or Paypal), so make sure you select the option you want. Also, check out your desired Minimum Payout in your profile as well. The default is $10. A number of users have expressed an interest in selecting a higher amount to be paid at, so you can also choose $20, $50, or $100.

Auto Line

The coming of September also brings about the beta launch of the new AdBux Auto Line. The approximately 1,000 spots made available for the beta period of this 30-day subscription service are selling quickly. You can go to http://adbux.org/autoline.php if you want to reserve your spot now, or if you need to see more information about AAL. Subscribers to AAL should begin noticing referrals added to their downline within the first few days of September.

Coming Soon…

Think more. More ways to earn money, and more ads daily. More advertising options! More features for our members. Contests and Prizes! Banner Ads. Get paid to complete offers. Earn money by checking your messages. The AdBux Blog. And more! New features, incentives, and programs are being worked on nonstop to reward our members and encourage more opportunities for everyone. Stay tuned…

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