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Queen Storm Wins Top Builder at Medieval Hits, Promotes CastlesGold.com

August 25th, 2007

A person going by the moniker of “Queen Storm” (not to be confused with Stormspotter aka Bonnie Davis) has won the most recent Top Builder award at Medieval Hits. She is the owner of a relatively new PTR program called Castles Gold. I have tentatively joined her program because she is offering a very good advertising deal in a bid to gain new members and get her program off the ground. For only one dollar, you can get 100,000 banner impressions, 10,000 traffic exchange hits, one featured (front page) ad for two months, 10,000 featured banner rotations, and 500 clicks in the PTC section of the site. There is also a drawing for various cash prizes that will be held after 150 ad packages are sold.

Of course, the obvious disadvantage to all of this is the fact that because the PTR in question is a relatively new one, the advertising credits will have a rather limited audience in the early stages of the program. However, for such a low price, the credits can be bought in advance and saved up for a time when the program has more members, at which point the advertising will be worth far more than its initial cost. In the past, I have used this strategy quite effectively with PTR text link ads; if you can get in at the beginning when the advertising is still very cheap, it is possible to gain a substantial influx of traffic and referrals after the program really takes off. Here is the full text of the Medieval Hits update. Queen Storm’s piece begins after the third paragraph:

Karl Erfurt,

The Kingdom Crier

I am installing a new site checker. All spy ware and ad ware will be detected.
If you know it is present on any of your sites or banners, please remove it.
Many of you may not even be aware that it is present, so if you see your sites suddenly appear on “review”, that is probably why.
I will be going through them all over the next few days.

Also, some citizens will find themselves set to inactive. Under your terms of service, you are required to remain active. Four weeks in a row without surfing 20 sites, will automatically set you to “inactive”. You will need to send a support ticket to reactivate your account. After 90 days, your account will be deleted.
“Top Builder”
For her great referral efforts (5 referrals + 2 pending),
Queen Storm is last weeks “Top Builder”

Hello everyone, Queen Storm here. How do I get referrals in my many programs? Well, I belong to a few great surf sites like Medieval Hits, Dragons Gold Surf, AA Hits, Waters Edge and Flaming Fast Hits. I also belong to a number of paid to read sites where I am upgraded. I put my links anywhere and everywhere I can think of. I also manage 4 ptr’s and own a PTC program. I give offers to people who join my down line. Good banners, and if using an email or text ad, make sure they are well written always helps.

I also have an offer for you today. I actually made a splash page (my first one) for it so I’ll just put the link here. I am having a $1 ad sale.
Check out everything you get for $1. Also, if you order the pack and in your payment notes mention Medieval Hits, I will throw in a ptc for 500 clicks for each pack you buy. While on the splash page, the link to my site is “clickable” and opens in a new window, so check that out also. I am offering a free lifetime upgrade to the first 500 members plus 1000 free click exchange (this is like a manual surf) to anyone who joins.

Just email me at support@castlesgold.com

Thanks for your time.
Have a great day and Happy Surfin
I promised an upgrade deal!
Here it is
Anyone who upgrades before Sept 1 can upgrade for 1/2 price!
And lock it in at that price for life
I hope you all wisely take advantage of this upgrade offer.
I assure you that it will never be offered at this price again.
(Upgrade link is below your name “upgrade available”
We are still struggling with the upgrade issues.
If you are having trouble, please send me a support ticket with as much detail as possible so that we can track down the problem.
You can send your payment direct to larry_phillips@rogers.com and then send me a support ticket. I will upgrade you manually.
Recent Upgrades

Let it be known to all, that Merlin53, has been knighted by the kingdom and shall Henceforth be known to all in the kingdom, as Knight of the Roundtable Merlin53

Let it be known to all, that The Fair Maiden Wendy of Ward, shall Henceforth be known as Queen Wendy of Ward

Let it be known to all, that Squire GW xTream, has been knighted by the kingdom and shall Henceforth be known as “Knight of the Roundtable” GW xTream
New Citizens Yesterday = 1
Total New Citizens for Aug—72

Remember to use your “down line” mailer to encourage the new citizens to join in the games
& Set up your team for the next big event

Total Citizens who entered competitions yesterday = 55
Total Citizenship = 353
“Exchange of the Week” award (Top 10)
Week ending 11:30 pm EST Canada (GMT –05:00) Aug 26
Rountable Knight Sir Terry of La Fever surfed 1862
Queen Wendy of Ward surfed 1827
Queen Stormspotter surfed 1699
The Dragon Queen surfed 1230
Squire Matt of Adams surfed 1178
Squire Ken of Adams surfed 1086
Squire Gordon of Bengston surfed 1050
Knight of the Roundtable Merlin53 surfed 999
Squire Gamal of Elgazar surfed 943
The Fair Maiden Christie B surfed 844
“Exchange of the Week”
Spreading your advertising around to as many different exchanges as possible is a good strategy.
You want, and need, to get your ads out to as many different faces as possible.
However; not all exchanges are properly maintained. The “Exchange of the Week”
is a list of exchanges which have been tried and approved by our citizens.

The Medieval Kingdom will reward you with 200 Medieval credits
to join Squire Richard of Hector’s Team at each of these fine exchanges:

1) Traffic Splash
2) Click Ranch
3) Smiley Traffic – Auto & Manual Surf
4) Magnify Traffic
5) Free Traffic Lotto
6) Dragon’s Gold Surf Special Auto surf on Weekends
7) Startexchange
8) Hit2Hit
***After you join, send me a copy of the welcome letter (sensitive material removed)
to receive your 200 credits***
“Top Builder” award
Week ending 11:30 pm EST Canada (GMT –05:00) Aug 26
The Dragon Queen with 1 referral +4 pending
Roundtable Knight Sir Gary of Harrisun with 1 referral
Roundtable Knight Sir Terry of La Fever with 1 referral
Roundtable Knight Sir Mike of Macdonnchaidh with 1 referral

Sir Gary of Hadsell with 3 referrals pending
The Fair Maiden Jennifer of Chang with 3 referrals pending
The Fair Maiden Debbie of Becchetti with 2 referrals pending
Knight of the Roundtable Sir John of Hamilton with 2 referrals pending
The Princess Marina of Afanasyeva with 2 referrals pending
Squire Paul of Kane with 1 referral pending
Sir Mohd Adnan of Mohd Nazir with 1 referral pending
Queen Storm with 1 referral pending
Roundtable Knight Sir Morteza of Bakhtian with 1 referral pending
Squire Steven of Carriere with 1 referral pending
Squire Ray of Boudreault with 1 referral
Roundtable Knight Sir Matt of Clements with 1 referral pending
Sir John of Byrd with 1 referral pending
Sir Tony of Papas with 1 referral pending
The Fair Maiden Deborah of Heath with 1 referral pending
Sir Genesis of McLean with 1 referral pending

Remember to use your downline mailer to encourage your new team members

I received an invitation to the pre-launch of ExitExplosion.com but I am not going to promote it. I don’t like exit ads and I would prefer that they not be used. They say popup blockers will not block these exit ads and that has me concerned. Still it’s a popup and if you start using them, your site is going to be removed. I think the Footer Ads are a much better advertising solution and I would prefer my users use Footer Ads and not exit ads. I have added them to this site as an example and to help draw new citizens in to our Kingdom to view your sites. If you find it too annoying, let me know and I’ll remove them.
Footer Ads
The link board should be, up and running soon.
Check out the FAQ’s for details and much more!
Big New Contest Details

The Current “2 stage” contest is going to take on a twist!
The first contest was a big success, so I want to leave it alone.
I am going to give it a summer holiday though.
The next chance to win this event will be Sept 1 - Oct 31
(See FAQ’s for details)
I added a referral option to the prizes

Here’s the twist!
I said that soon there would be team competitions.
Not only can you compete in the personal events both months,
but also you may be part of a team for even more prizes.

Teams will be comprised of 5 members plus their Leader.
Anyone who has 5 team members as of Aug 31 may enter the Team competitions.
So, any of you who don’t have your five yet, have Aug and Sept to prepare your team for the competition.
You will be required to name your five before Sept 1.
Get in touch with them using your down line mailer and organize your team
I added a referral option to the prizes

Work hard over the next month & a bit, and Win the “Top Builder” event,
and/or become the “Exchange of the Week” referrer to build your teams else ware.
Please take a moment and place your vote for your favourite exchanges, on the Front Page
Splash Pages

If you would like a new personalized splash page created, send a support ticket. Include as much info as possible and any graphics you’d like used.
(See Examples under “Promotional Materials”)
Go Forth citizens and Fight!
Promote & Surf Every Day & Be Rewarded!

I Thank my great citizens in the Medieval Kingdom
Larry Phillips
Keeper of the Kingdom
Xtream Global Marketing Professional TE Manager

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  1. comment number 1 by: Rose


    I’m a member of “castlesgold” can’t seem to find the page no matter how I try soooooooooo, I can’t log in. I’m afraid of loosing my membership, upgrades etc. Can u please notify me?

    User name: dragonx403
    Email: dragonx403@yahoo.com

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