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Royal Surf King Offers Credit Bargains

August 26th, 2007

Michael Kelly, the current “King” of the Royal Surf traffic exchange, has announced some special deals on advertising credits and has also temporarily reduced the price of the new Royal Mage membership from $97 to $79. Both promotions are scheduled to run through August 31st.

Meanwhile, after logging in and surfing earlier today, I noticed that the tweaks for increasing the potential credit awards to the top five kingdoms seem to have been implemented, as the number of points being tallied on the Kingdom Stats page definitely seems higher than it what it was a few weeks ago. Also, the previously large gap between the #1 kingdom and the other four seems to have narrowed significantly, meaning that it is now possible to win more significant amounts of credits at the end of the week even if we do not place in the top kingdom (this equates to the top 20 individual surfers). The details of the special promotion are explained below:

RoyalSurf: Take Advantage of Your King Today

Hello Karl;

As your ever so benevolent and humble king, I do not impose unfair burdensome taxes nor tarrifs on you, my loyal subject. Your king instead seeks at all times to bring thee great services and bargains to help keep the kingdom in supply of gold.

It is in this spirit, your king finds a need to replenish the Royal Treasury and so I’ve prepared great bargains to your advantage.

Ah, but bargains such as these do have a time limit so you must take advantage of them with due haste or the time shall pass thee by; and that would be quite sad indeed. The time to take advantage is through this Friday, August 31st.

The king doth drone on for no doubt you want to know what the bargains are:

1. Purchase any Credits Advertising Package and receive 20% Extra Credits FREE. *PLUS*, I’ll credit you more Royal Coins too. If you buy:

- 1000 Credits Get 1200 Credits + 1 Royal Coin
- 2000 Credits Get 2400 Credits + 2 Royal Coins
- 3000 Credits Get 3600 Credits + 3 Royal Coins
- 5000 Credits Get 6000 Credits + 5 Royal Coins
-10000 Credits Get 12000 Credits + 7 Royal Coins


The extra credits and Royal Coins will be added to your account manually so please allow 24 hours.

2. If you upgrade to Royal Knight for the FIRST month, I will give you five Royal Coins instead of the usual two, AND I’ll add an extra 1000 bonus credits too! That’s $10.50 in bonuses.

3. Upgrade to Royal Mage right now for just $79, discounted from $97, and “Lock-In” the discounted membership price for as long as you want.

The Royal Mage membership saves a bundle of money for our serious advertisers, comes with maximum exposure, and offers personalized service.

If you want to seriously maximize exposure for your site, and you just don’t have the time or inclination to surf, then this membership level is perfect for you.

We are presently limiting our Royal Mage memberships to just ten (10) and it has already started filling up. This is strictly on a first come, first served basis so don’t hesitate, especially with this seriously discounted price.

The membership comes with personalized service such that you do not have to surf or even manage their account, because we will do that for you.

That’s right. Set It And Forget It!

You don’t need to surf or even login to assign credits and impressions, or check that your sites are rotating, because RoyalSurf will do that for you at least once every week.

How’s that for Personalized Service?!

If you do decide you’d like to surf, you’ll enjoy the absolute highest surf ratio in the kingdom!

And, you’ll be eligible to receive Random Referrals so there is the potential to earn 15% Residual Traffic too.

As a Royal Mage, you’ll receive exclusive major advertising exposure not available to our other members. Services totaling $188, NOT including the Personalized Service, for less than half that cost!

Included, you receive $10 in Royal Coins every month and a $5 bonus Royal Coins every three consecutive months. You can redeem your Royal Coins for $140 Worth of Free Advertising per Year!

You Get 24×7 Unlimited Maximum Traffic Exposure:
* 1 TextAd on Welcome Page After Login - $20 Value!
* 1 Site Rotated amoung StartPages - $20 Value!
* 1 Site Rotated Every 50-60 Page Views - $30 Value!
* 20.000 credits monthly - $90 Value!
* 15.000 banner impressions monthly - $5 Value
* 15.000 text impressions monthly - $5 Value

* UNLIMITED website urls
* UNLIMITED banner urls
* UNLIMITED text link urls
* Random Referrals
* 15% Of Direct Referrals Surf Activity
* Email Direct Referrals Every 7 Days

Additionally, anyone who upgrades to Royal Mage during this sale will also have their RoyalSurf referral URL entered with our monthly advertising. Each month we spend hundreds of dollars promoting RoyalSurf and we’ll add your referral URL so the likelihood of receiving residual traffic will be much greater for you. We will leave your referral URL in that rotation for as long as you maintain your Royal Mage upgrade.

Now that’s seriously a “Royal” Sales Promotion!

Don’t delay… take advantage of your King today!

Michael Kelly

Update 8/29/07: Admin sent out another mail today announcing an upcoming contest where the top ten surfers for the next seven days will be able to win some extra credits. He is also motivate us as we move into September, which is the time when advertising revenues usually begin to increase somewhat after the traditionally slow summer season:

RoyalSurf Surf Contest and Sale Reminder

Hello Karl;

I just want to take a quick few moments of your time to announce a new surfing contest. The winner will be the member who has the most page views at the end of 7 days.

There will be 10 winners starting from 1,000 credits for the 1st place winner and going down from there. For details on the contest, login and click on the Contest link displayed in your members area.

The summer’s coming to an end and a new rush of people will be coming to the Internet to seek ways to make more money; some will be old faces who were busy with summer activities, vacations, jobs, etc while still more will be new faces.

Now’s the time for you to really get back into building your online exposure and to keep it growing. If you’ve got the time, then dedicate specific days and times on your calendar to promoting your business at RoyalSurf. Make sure you schedule it, or like many people, you will get caught up in other activities and not get your advertising done.

Remember, zero advertising equals zero results. It’s true for major corporations and it’s true for you too. Oh, and don’t forget to keep assigning the credits you earn and win too, otherwise your sites won’t be seen as much as they can be.

If you find you don’t have time to do a lot of surfing, take advantage of our great sale on credits right now. Or, why not supplement your surfing to help keep your advertising consistent and steady. Use it to take a break from surfing on some days when you’re tired or to just spend time with the family.

Consider upgrading to Royal Knight to make your time spent surfing more productive. You will earn credits faster and that always makes the whole task much more pleasant. Besides, if you upgrade by August 31st you will receive extra credits and extra Royal Coins that you can save and exchange for free traffic.

Or, if you have more money than time, and you really want to maximize your results, upgrade to Royal Mage. You cannot beat the personalized service and the unlimited traffic this will generate for you at a very discounted price right now.

Just login to your members area to upgrade or buy credits but the time to do all that is no later than August 31st, during our big promotion,

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Michael Kelly

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