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Hit Harvester Under New Management, Makes Improvements

August 30th, 2007

The Hit Harvester traffic exchange has come under new management recently. The program has been steadily making improvements over the past few days, including a total redesign of the website. They offer traffic through manual surfing, with the possibility of earning small amounts of cash (up to $1.25 per 1000 page views) depending upon the surfing ratio that you choose.

Although I have not been surfing here very frequently, I gave them another try earlier today and discovered that the surfbar seems to be working very smoothly. Their timer is still set at 25 seconds, however, which is a little long for my tastes. Meanwhile, the new Admin team sent out a rather extensive email update today in the form of a changelog journal that details the day-to-day improvements that are being made to the site:

Work has been quietly underway on the site now for nearly 2 weeks, and Steve of Clicksmatrix and Cashclicking fame is doing a great little job of getting everything organized, with a new members area, checking scripts, images, links, and a huge amount work getting the site into tip top shape.He has even found time to change the surfbar a little, but I think you will find it is the little things, like a new logo, live links, new menu systems that will make you impressed. It is like having a new site without changing anything that would make the site a different site. Each site that grows and becomes very popular has it’s own unique flavour, I love the logo starting off with a windblown Hitharvester logo which moves so fast once loaded into a bronze effect that one wonders if one was seeing things.

Our first new moving banner for years, with more on the way with the ease with which Steve churns out this stuff, and our top menu items now flash across the screen.

Basically when your surfing none of this really matters of course, we have seen the advent of a lot of fancy paid for graphics on many sites this year, but nothing basically changes.

Well Hitharvester fans are in for a big treat, as we also haven’t changed, we still have a 1:1 surf ratio for ALL members. We have no paid membership. If you want to speed up your advertising simply buy credits, fair and square, it helps support the site, and gives you faster exposure too.

With no referrals income to worry about our other 2 surfbars do a split with the choice of either a 1:0.5 surf ratio and a small reward for surfing or a larger surfing rewards.

Without giving away to much of what our long term plans are, I do gather that Steve is looking at adding a ticket support system in September and an online payout and records system to replace our current email request payout style.

I will let Steve’s own log (which he hasn’t had time to add to his Blog I gather this week - busy boy :) tell you what has actually taken place so far.

Come on down and take a look and see why your “Old” favorite will soon join your NOW favorites once more.

With My Best Regards,

Nelson Encarnacio.
Vice President.

Changelog journal listed below:

Date 30th August 2007
Update :- Today is a quiet day, a housekeeping day, I am moving images into one or two image directories, checking that the links to them all work and will then stop so we can send out a newsletter to members about the last weeks work, plus this will give us the chance to ask folks to stop by and surf the site.
Popups & Popunders - The site still uses popups and pop-unders - I will be changing those to in page views over the weekend. The companies are vetted thoroughly by us and they are safe to view.
Framebreakers - I know these can be a little disconcerting and even off-putting -I for one have a very low tolerance with framebreakers and as this ASP type site runs on a genuine Microsoft server we are able to and do lock out IP addresses, emails and domain names as well as closing accounts. The surfbar will have script installed to make it breakproof this weekend, it will simply RELOAD ITSELF when this happens.
Hitharvester will serve as the test platform for this script which we will roll out across out sites over the next week or so, time permitting.

Date 29th August 2007
Update :- Site checking and housekeeping. Site Link Checks - Final checks on all site links for every page is underway, for both broken links and links going to the wrong place.
Email Addresses - A few words about email addresses. IF you respect your account and want it to remain with Hitharvester.com please make sure it is valid and do not change it to one that is unavailable or an auto responder .
If you use an auto-responder or your email address is unreachable and our newsletter bounces you will be in breach of your terms and conditions of membership and this will result in closure of your account..
Framebreakers - Today we are closing accounts of all frame breakers, we have 2 ways of doing this, totally terminating accounts for a really bad offense and locking accounts for a minor error.
Not everyone gets it right first time, so as webmasters ourselves we are mindful of this.
I am checking all sites on Clicksmatrix.com admin frameschecker, which we will add on here. EVERY report will be checked and accounts closed.
Proposed Work - Frame breaking script to re-load the surfbar or a popup window. Change popups so they load on top of the page in a small frame, which members can close
Bonus freebies in the TOOLS area, clicking a link will take you to a site where you will need to view one page or more from an advertiser ( how many depends on how much it is worth !) before gaining access to the freebie page, once downloaded click continue to come back to site.
These are ideals we are going to try out, hopefully they will all work. The way it should hopefully work is that the pages will be coded to members username and download only available once. This is not a cookies but a hard wired database check.

Date 28th August 2007
Update :- Editing banners, members area pre-load settings, surfbar, checking links, setting up unique advertiser campaigns.
Banner - Banners are now corrected, the site pages did not move all links to the new page, so we have added a second one in the original location for now, whilst I find and change all the links.
One of the most important items is NOT to change things, it might sound strange considering I seem to be doing precisely that, but in fact a few text changes and picture changes does not change anything that works. At this time my aims are quite modest, to check and fix all broken links due to recent changes, so if you find anything please email support@hitharvester.com or use the Questions link above. Thank you.

Date 27th August 2007
Update :- Editing front page site looks, plus adding new features to unique visitor advertisers information in the INFO area.
Site Links - I am checking broken links and notice some were not auto-changed during page moves, sorry if a few are not quite 100% yet, but a lot of pages are being moved at this time, and the script writer does not always get it right.
Improvements Due Soon - The Hitharvester site has over 500 pages - different site versions, test, pages, etc, which are being moved to more appropriate areas ready for new site looks and script later this year.

Date 26th August 2007
Update :- Checking and fixing page internals on all areas.
Banners :- Banners on the bottom bar have been checked and are now working fully. Please press F5 to refresh page and show banner.
Change Emails and Password :- Please use Members Questions form to request a change, the webmaster will email you back with a newly built link for that !
After 24 hours the link will be erased for security purposes. This is a temporary measure whilst new confirmation of changing scripts are being built. These will be added to the new site version, version 3, due to go live once complete. No date has been set yet for this, it all depend on progress.

Date 25th August 2007
Update :- Today I am activating side menus, checking improved question forms, checking menu items in members areas and front pages of the site, and building unique visits demonstration area. Members side menu is now fully functional and all top menu items are working.
Banner surfing remains offline for final adjustments.

Date : 24th August 2007
Update : Working on site menus and content.
Major fixes to end of pages and database close after load procedures have been necessary, work in continuing, but as side menu items are brought into the new members area we are working on each one. Important codes were missing, these are now being added and every page checked to ensure smooth transition to external pages after logout.
New Site Looks - One migration of all external files, plus moving old and redundant files and sorting sales pages has been completed, a brand new site look will be built on a duplicate members area.
Prices - Due to ongoing sales, promotions and specials, some of the pricing structure has become out of sync, with smaller amounts of credits costing less per visitor that larger amounts. This has been corrected on unique and bulk credit areas. Banners for purchasing 10,000 exchange visitors per month has been increased to 15,000.

Date : 23rd August 2007
Update : Revenue Earning Tools and Website Design are due to release soon.
Side Menus - side menus are being changed to internal and external views for pages with non sensitive information. This is to avoid confusion, as previously not all menu items had a side menu, as they could be viewed by anyone. Some of the site content is changing and the logout page will start to send members to the outside view of a page, rather than just the login screen. This will enable us to build onto the outside menu in due course, and enable visitors to review the site better.

Revenue earning tools :- to aid members promotions revenue earning tools area is having content added today. This side menu item will now be made internal.

Date : 22nd August 2007
Update : News regarding today’s site work in progress.

Contact Forms - Contact forms have now been corrected and we will be testing them today. The next stage will be to replace the current forms with a ticket support system for general questions, general advertising, unique advertising queries, members support teams.
Banner Surf - Work will continue on rolling out this feature. The convert credits link will be moved to the account manager menu and replaced with the banner surf.
Top Menu - Some areas of the side menu are for general advertising usage, for example the Clickthrough Credits is a HTML page, viewable externally, so this will be changed to an ASP page for internal use and the top menu item will remain for external visitors to the site.

Steve’s 7 day Log.

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