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Progress at World Limited Partnership Program Still Slow

August 31st, 2007

One of my older programs that I joined nearly two years ago, a company called World Limited Partnership Program (WLPP), is still chugging along, but overall returns have been much slower than I had hoped. So far the overall dividends that I have received over the past two years add up to about five percent per annum, similar to what I am earning with my savings account at the bank. On the other hand, the company is gradually establishing a track record of investing in “real world” businesses with actual profit potential, and thus far have not shown any signs of scamming activity. They have also been honest in allowing members to sell back their units to the company if they want to get out of the program or simply need to recover their funds for some reason.

Their business model reminds of the old joint stock companies that were formed in order to finance colonial expeditions back in the early 17th century. Everyone who has venture capital to invest in the program pools their money together to finance the expedition, and any profits that are made are paid out to the investors on a share basis according to the proportion of the total pool that was contributed by each investor. In the case of WLPP, each share is called a PV (pool volume) unit and we are paid returns on these each month, with a variable amount depending on the most recent revenues of the company. Currently, each PV unit is $50 although some of the first units sold under the old Vivamin venture were priced at $40.

The most recent offline venture is the establishment of IT (Information Technology) call centers in Romania, where the company is hoping to cash in on the recent outsourcing trend while also taking advantage of the relatively low cost of leasing or purchasing office space in eastern Europe. Meanwhile, WLPP has been steadily expanding its online acquisitions, having recently taken over Bidhire.com and opening up a portal for advertising revenues at Taketheinternetback.com. Here is the latest update that arrived in my inbox this afternoon. Hopefully these returns will improve over the next few months:

Hi again everyone. Conrad here. There have been a few developments that have caused some delays. The biggest of these being that some big IT companies have now located their offices in Iasi, Romania and they are taking some of our employees away. Since they are large, they can offer a higher salary and more perks. We lost about half of the office and are now hiring some new IT Consultants to replace those that left. Of course we have had to raise salaries and offer a few perks ourselves, but things should be back to normal shortly.

As for the payouts for IT shares, they were not that big the last 2 months due to the above. We will be adding 0.11 cents per unit to your accounts shortly, and that is for the 2 months. We expect that to increase once our new employees get going.

This has also caused some delays in developing the payment portal and the adult poker website. We have to do customers before we can do these, and I am hoping that you can understand that. But with the new people that we hired, we hope to get this done within the next few weeks. Please be patient as we are doing the best that we can.

I have 2 people that need to sell their PV units due to personal financial problems, so we now have 19 available. Please see below if you have an interest. This is the payment portal that is in development and we hope to have that done soon.

That’s about it for now. Have a nice weekend and more will follow shortly.


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