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New FoodNet Site Offers Malaysian Food Recipes

September 1st, 2007

Yesterday as I was clicking through the mails from the Owl Post PTR, I noticed that one of the ads had a brief notation at the top of the page from the program owner. This message was informing us that we should not speed through the mail and take a serious look at the site being advertised because the program owner had bookmarked it. As I slowed down to look at the site, I discovered that it was a relatively new Malaysian recipe site called FoodNet.

Although the site only has about a dozen recipes listed at present, the webmaster here is hoping to gather many more from other people all over the world. The overall plan is to build a comprehensive resource for authentic local cuisine to serve a guide for international travelers. Meanwhile, the recipes that have been posted so far look pretty good and are representative of popular dishes from Malaysia and Singapore.

There is also a place under the heading “Food Spy Wanted” for us to submit our own foods for inclusion on the site. After I have a chance to try some of these exotic Malaysian foods, I may return to the site later and send in a few of my favorite recipes to help them build up their collection.

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