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Royal Surf Makes Significant Improvements

September 7th, 2007

After running a few special promotions in recent weeks, Royal Surf has updated again, but this time they have announced some significant improvements to the program and the overall surfing experience. Free members are getting a boost (from three to five) to the total number of sites that can be promoted at one time, which is good because it will help me gain a little more exposure for my sites and programs. There will also be unlimited text link and banner promotions allowed, feedback on referral information has been improved, and the interface for the text message chat board on the surfbar has been streamlined and made easier to use.

Admin Catherine Heiter has also discovered a new site called “thumbalizr”, which is essentially an application that allows users to take a quick screenshot of any website and download it to your computer. As far as I can tell, there are no affiliate programs or money-making opportunities associated with this, but it still seems like a useful tool nonetheless. Finally, Admin has announced another upcoming referral competition and is promising new prizes and upgrades to the site in the future. As usual, the exact details are posted below.

Hey There RoyalSurfers!

Good Grief! You just never know what our Royal Sovereign is gonna come up with next! We’re about to start a new Referral Competition, but this time it’s going to be for RoyalSurf only. Stay tuned for the particulars. The King just told me to let you know it’s coming….very soon. :-)

And WOW! Have you looked at the new promotional tools he’s put in place for us? They Rule, just like our King! Check them out. You can even personalize them and save the information for use on up to five traffic exchanges. His Majesty is quite talented! Take a look and set up your own pages so you’re ready when the competition launches! I have already been in playing around with them. They are really kewl! You can find them by clicking on the link for Promotion in our member’s area.

Ah, and The King came across a great site that he wishes for me to share with you:


With thumbalizr you can take screenshots of any webpage you want. Use it for your presentations, documentations, visualisations or your webpage. Just enter the target-URL and press the “thumb it”-button. Wait a moment and a screenshot of the desired page will be taken.

Check it out. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Some more great news:

1) Free members can now promote 5 sites, whereas they were only allowed 3 before.
2) ALL members can now promote UNLIMITED banners and text links.
3) New signups now receive 25 credits once their accounts are fully activated. This includes verifying their email address and surfing 25 pages on RoyalSurf.
4) His Majesty updated the member’s area with clarification keyed on the fact that all members can view their downline members. Apparently some of you didn’t realize this. Simply click on “Referrals” in the member’s area and see who is doing what in your downline. Upgraded members can actually contact their downline members. Take a look, and start a network of your own.
5) Please note that the King has changed the Message Board so that it is clearer on the surfbar. Simply click on the word “Chat” and text message other members who are surfing RoyalSurf, too. This is a great way to network with other members, and share tips and information. Just please be sure to read the guidelines and stay within them. I really hate getting reports about members who abuse that feature. I don’t like exiling members to the “No Chat Land”. :-(

Finally, you should notice a great improvement in the surfing. Of course, we’ve never stopped being a busy traffic exchange. But, with me or the King checking sites now we have cut out a lot of the garbage before you ever even see it. This sure does make for a more pleasant surfing experience for all of us. :-D

Do be sure to check your email for further news from us regarding some very exciting things that are coming very soon. I happen to know that what’s coming is gonna be absolutely awesome! I have seen a preview and believe me, it’s gonna kick some dragon butt….just kidding. Don’t anyone get offended. ;-) But still, it’s gonna be just….WOW! That’s all I can say. The King said to keep it under wraps for now. Darn it! I’m just about to burst wanting to tell you everything! Ok. I’ve probably said too much already. lol

Besides you will want to be in the “loop” when King Michael tells us what the new prizes are going to be, and the exact date that the new referral competition starts. And there’s some more kewl stuff about to begin, in conjunction with an online Internet Radio station! You’ll want to get in on that, too. ;-)

Here are your statistics at the time that I send this to you:

Your Available Credits: 4377.89
Your Banner Impressions: 135.005
Your Text Link Impressions: 155.005

And you can login to check your sites, banners and text links - and assign those credits and impressions - then surf a while:


Of course, I am only an email away if you need help. I may be a bit slow getting back to you sometimes, but I will answer you as quickly as I can get to the support request or email.

Best Regards,
“Lady Cat” Catherine Heiter, Admin

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