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Synovate Sends September Newsletter, Increases Rewards

September 11th, 2007

synovate-paid-survey-panel.jpgOne of my favorite paid survey companies, Synovate Global Opinion Panels, released the September issue of its monthly newsletter today. Overall, the news is looking pretty good; not only has Synovate increased the amount of cashable points received for each survey, but they are also planning on implementing PayPal and Amazon gift certificates as payment options in the near future. This should reduce the amount of waiting time required to receive payments, which are currently made primarily by check.

Synovate has turned out to be one of the better survey companies out there, and is also one where I seem to have had some positive influence. When I first joined their panel back in 2004, there was no points system in place and actual cash payments were relatively rare. Except for a few major market research projects, most rewards for completed surveys were only sweepstakes entries, which in practical terms were usually worthless.

However, after enduring these pitifully low compensation levels through most of 2005, I started taking some extra time to fill out the comment boxes that were provided near the end of most surveys where we had a chance to give them our opinions regarding the surveys themselves (as opposed to the products or services that the surveys were about). In the comments, I explained to them that they would probably get a better quality of responses to the survey questions and a higher level of participation if they would offer some form of cash compensation for our time, even if it was only a small amount.

To my surprise, they actually seemed to listen to this and a few months later, they eventually set us up with internal accounts and a points system where we could redeem the points for real checks and effectively receive small cash payments for each survey. Unlike many other companies, they even credit us with partial payments in cases where we “screen out” of the survey and do not qualify to complete the whole thing. They have also been nice about sending us other small “freebie” items occasionally, such as calendars, refrigerator magnets, water bottles, and stationery.

Below is the content of the newsletter, which explains the developments that are planned for the near future and includes results from some recent polling data on the opinions of Synovate panel members.

Dear Karl,

Have you heard the news? Synovate Global Opinion Panels has more than doubled the points you can earn for taking our surveys. By logging in to your account, you can see what surveys (and points!) are waiting for you and:

  1. Review/update your personal profile
  2. View the points you have earned to date
  3. Redeem points you have earned for cash

We appreciate your survey-taking efforts and hope you are enjoying your panel benefits!

Points for All Surveys

Have you ever been invited to complete a survey only to be told, after clicking on the link and starting the survey, that you don’t qualify? We realize this can be a bit frustrating. That’s why, at Synovate Global Opinion Panels, you’ll earn points even when you don’t qualify for a survey. Simply put, we appreciate the time you devote to all of our studies.

Did you know…

  1. More than 1.5 million panelists in 15 countries participate in surveys from Synovate Global Opinion Panels? You are truly part of a global panel!
  2. You can earn points for referring a friend? Login to your account and click “Refer a Friend” to learn how.
  3. Your points are redeemable for cash? Once you reach 5,000 points earned, redeem them by visiting the “My Rewards” page.

Your opinion helps influence your reward options!

  1. In a recent study, 63% of our panelists indicated they are interested in the use of PayPal.
  2. 61% of our panelists would enjoy an Amazon.com gift certificate as a reward.
  3. In the near future, BOTH Amazon.com gift certificates and PayPal will be offered as reward options.

Want to see other changes to your membership? Complete each survey and let your voice be heard!

One Response to “Synovate Sends September Newsletter, Increases Rewards”

  1. comment number 1 by: Rocky

    Yah I am a member of global opinion panels and I would also like to see paypal added. Its faster and better and if they add Paypal it would just make their site better.

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