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The Owl Post Catches Up on Payouts

September 16th, 2007

The Owl Post program owner Michele Ballard has updated again today, bringing somewhat favorable news about the site’s financial status. E-gold payouts through July have been completed, while she is still trying to catch up with June payouts on the PayPal side.

Meanwhile, I have managed to build up a little over $25 in my account for this program and still need to formally request payout. Strangely, my internal account here is showing $11 in the “Payments” field, which would normally indicate that I have already been paid $11. However, I do not seem to have received any payments, and I cannot find my user ID number anywhere on the finance page (if I could find my ID there, it might mean that a payment is pending). Eventually, assuming that Michele does not read this blog and does not respond to my post here, I will need to email her and see if I can somehow reconcile this little discrepancy.

The actual update text is reprinted below. Michele didn’t do too badly this time; there is only one major grammatical error (yet another instance of “your” which should be written as “you’re” or “you are”, along with a few capitalization mistakes). Interestingly, she mentions that other members are having problems with some of the major email service providers such as Hotmail and MSN, and is now suggesting that we switch over to Gmail. Based on my own observations from this post about Robert Puddy’s experience with Hotmail, she should also add Excite to the list of unreliable, deceptive, and unfair email providers. And yes, I just switched my email address at The Owl Post over to Gmail earlier today!

Good news. All egold payouts are done up to August. Don’t go nuts on me requesting egold just yet though. I still have some to do for august and September. :) There’s only $54.00 left in paypal payouts for June. July the total is only $51.00. You can see the huge difference there. The $51.00 is about what payouts generally are, so that gives you some idea of how harsh the requests were in June. lol Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we’re all caught up again. :)

This hasn’t really ever been a huge issue for us before, but it’s slowly but surely becoming one now. If your using yahoo, hotmail or msn, you might want to consider switching to gmail. I’m getting emails from members that they aren’t getting any emails. One member said they weren’t getting any, then suddenly over 100 emails was dumped in their inbox. I’m also hearing that there’s sometimes a 2 week delay before emails are received.


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