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Medieval Hits Owner Bashes Spyware, Pushes Maxthon Browser

September 17th, 2007

After being apparently infected with spyware from the Medieval Hits traffic exchange, program owner Larry Phillips is becoming increasingly annoyed and is stepping up efforts to detect and delete adware and spyware-riddled sites. He also continues his mini-crusade to get people to switch to the Maxthon browser, which contains some features that block pop-ups and other advertisements.

Good day fine citizens of the Medieval Kingdom

As many of you have noticed, I have made some changes, and more are to come. I will no longer be sending out emails about the contest Winners. If you were in the running, you need to login and read the Member News every Monday morning to see if you were one of the Winners and claim your prize.

Also, I am almost demanding that you install and use the maxthon browser, because I am getting tired of sending out emails about the spyware and adware that is on so many sites. My laptop was infected yesterday and it took me 5 hrs to fix it. If you don’t mind that kind of irritation on your computer, keep doing it your way. If you want to block all of that stuff, use the browser as I recommended. I will no longer send out notices except to the new members about this. I will simply delete the site. Also, some banners install tracking adware too. I will clean out the couple that are already installed. Please do not take it personally, I just can’t afford to have such a big mess to deal with. This exchange is going to be big, can you imagine the problems when there are 10,000 members?

I appreciate you all and will do anything I can to accommodate you and help grow your business, but adware and spyware will not be allowed period from here on in. (Current sites will not be deleted)
Thank you for being a great citizen of the Medieval Kingdom

Larry Phillips
Keeper of the Kingdom
Xtream Global Marketing Professional TE Manager

Personally, I don’t really see any need to switch browsers away from Firefox, which also has popup and ad blocking features, plus lots of useful extensions to tweak and customize pretty much anything else I might need from browser. For basic Internet security, I have been doing well with a combination of Firefox, AVG antivirus, and the Microsoft Defender Beta as a backup antivirus that I can run manually. So far I have only had two pieces of adware slip through during the past year, and these were automatically removed during a routine AVG scan.

Frankly, as a traffic exchange owner, Larry Phillips is beginning to run the risk of becoming almost as annoying as the adware that seems to be giving him so many problems. He already has a silly little pop-in floater ad that appears near the bottom of the page upon login and blocks part of the text on the Members page until I click the little X on it to make it disappear. When these kinds of “features” are added to his ongoing push for all members to switch over to another browser and join his Xtream Global Marketing club, he begins to look less like someone who sincerely wants to build Medieval Hits into a useful venue for website promotion and more like another annoying “guru” who just wants to use the traffic exchange as another way to peddle his favorite products.

Fortunately, none of this is really going to bother me much because I still have a large reserve of credits that I built up from winning the June contest here, plus I am getting a substantial amount of recurring credits from referrals even during periods when I am not actively surfing on the exchange. I do hope that the Admin doesn’t drive too many people away from the exchange with his own little advertising crusade, however, because if he can get more people to join Medieval Hits and continue surfing, it means more traffic to this site can be obtained from a wider audience of viewers, which of course is a very good thing for Karlonia!

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