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Royal Surf Awards Coins, Clarifies Captcha Issue

September 22nd, 2007

Co-admin Catherine “Lady Cat” Heiter has sent out another update for Royal Surf today. Currently there are daily contests occurring in which every member who has surfed at least 25-100 pages (the precise number is random and is chosen at the end of each day) is entered into a drawing in which the member can win from one to five royal coins. These coins can be saved up and used toward future advertising purchases or upgrade packages in order to defray their cost. With a sufficient number of royal coins, it is possible to obtain free advertising in addition to the usual traffic exchange credits that are earned through surfing activity.

The other major issue that is addressed in the update involves a new captcha system that was recently implemented as an anti-cheat measure to prevent auto-clicking and other forms of traffic exchange fraud. Apparently some members were having problems distinguishing between the capital letter “O” and the number “0″ whenever the turing number verification screen was displayed. The email update says that the capital “O” letters have a dot in the middle of them while the zero does not. However, after surfing about 140 pages earlier today, I noticed that there was an additional distinction that made the difference more obvious- the zeros have a slash through them, making them appear somewhat like the “null set” symbol from mathematics. The letter “O” is wider, more rounded than the zero, and does not contain the slash.

You can read the details of this latest Royal Surf newsletter below:

Greetings Karl,

In case you had not noticed, the King gave some Royal Coins to members on Friday. This is for the week long celebration of RoyalSurf’s birthday. While I have had one contact from one winner, there are still four pending. Please take a few moments to login to the member’s area and see if you are one of the winners, then email me with the required information shown there. Oh and by the way, those coins are doubled for Royal Knights. So if you’re on the list, and a Royal Knight, you will receive 2 times the amount shown.

Our referral competition is still going, and it can still be anyone’s win. So check out the statistics for that under “Contests”, get your referral information out there and snag yourself one of those top prizes. They are good ones. :-)

As many of you know, we have a new surf verification in place called “Captcha”. This requires that you enter what is know as a “turing number”, rather than answer a true/false question. Where am I going with this, and why should you care? Well, I have had numerous complaints about the number zero and the capital letter “o”. Members are getting denials because they have a hard time telling the difference between those. So here’s at tip, if I haven’t given it to you already:

The number 0 is slimmer than the capital letter “O”, and the capital should be showing a dot in the middle of it on the form. Our King worked on that yesterday, and made a distinction that we hope will help with this problem.

As a part of this week’s birthday “bash”, you will receive more than the usual amount of emails from the King and me. So watch for those so you know what His Majesty may have done to award our members for being loyal and supportive. He and I both appreciate you, and you may well be next on the list of winners. But, it does require you checking the emails and member’s area frequently during this week.

Of course, it’s always advisable to go to the member’s area, check your sites/banners/text links and assign credits and impressions to those. It’s just good business sense to know what’s going on with your advertising efforts.

If you have a site on hold, and you did not put it there yourself, it may well be that I checked the site and it did not load properly for me to complete the check. Please make sure that you have entered your URL correctly before submitting the site. It may be necessary for you to contact me so that I can take a site off hold for you so you can correct it. If so, please make sure to include your Userid number, Username and/or the email that you used to sign up with RoyalSurf. It is imperative that I have at least one of those items in order to be able to locate your account. Please also include the URL that I have put on hold for you.

Shhhh. Don’t tell His Majesty that I told you this, but there are a few of us beta-testing the new feature that I have been hinting about over the last few weeks. I’m still sworn to secrecy about exactly what it is, but I can say this. Be prepared to have even more fun when you surf at RoyalSurf, and plan to spend even more time at it. This is gonna be big, and it’s gonna bring in even more members than we have already. Lol. I’m already addicted to it, and it has caused me to stop work and go surf at RS more than I was before. And it’s not even completed yet. So there’s no telling what I’ll do when it’s finished and released to all our members. ;-) I am very excited about this, and I can’t wait for you to see it! Stay tuned :-)

And, as always, I am just a contact request or email away, should you need help.

Have a great week, and watch for further updates from us.

Best Regards,
Catherine “Lady Cat” Heiter, Admin

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