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MySurvey September Newsletter

September 23rd, 2007

The next issue of Opinion Matters, the monthly newsletter of MySurvey.com, was released as an email to members today. Apparently they are now awarding reward points for installing or upgrading their MySurvey Messenger software, which functions as a kind of alert system to let you know if there are any surveys currently available at the site. They have also implemented the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology on their web pages for additional privacy and security.

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Meanwhile, after adding a few new reward items for redemptions, they have finally released the results of a survey about sleeping habits. As usual, the actual text of the newsletter has been published below for your reading pleasure. One spelling error from the original copy has been corrected (”securily” was changed to “securely”).

MySurvey.com Now Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

MySurvey.com is protecting your privacy more than ever with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Secure Sockets Layer is the standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between our web servers and your browser remains private and secure. SSL is an industry standard and is used by many website owners to protect their users and customers. You can be sure your information is being transmitted securely when you see the padlock on your web browser.

As with any system upgrade this change may affect some users more than others. Here are some of the ways you may be affected (not all users will be affected the same way):

* SSL is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.01 and above, Netscape 4.77 and above Firefox 0.1 and above, Mozilla 0.6 and above, AOL 5 and above and Safari 1.2 and above . If you are not currently using one of these browsers please consider upgrading to the most recent browser version so that you can access MySurvey.com.
* MSN TV users (fomerly WebTV) with older units are not compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0. The latest unit, MSN TV 2 is compatible with IE 6.0 and will allow you to access MySurvey.com.
* As we continue transitioning all our web pages and surveys to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) you may receive a Security Alert message that you are leaving a secure internet connection. Please click ‘Yes’ to continue the survey. Rest assured the information you provide is always securely transmitted and stored.

MySurvey.com is committed to protecting your privacy. We are a licensee of the Trustee Privacy Program, we also participate in the EU Safe Harbor Privacy Framework as set forth by the United States Department of Commerce and we are a member of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO). The information you provide has always been stored securely and responses to survey questions are never linked to personally identifying information. SSL is just another way we protect your privacy and you can verify the SSL certification by clicking on the padlock in your web browser.

Upgrade to MySurvey Messenger 2.0 - Receive Reward Points!

MySurvey Messenger 2.0 works just like the original version that lets you know about surveys instantly — the moment you go online – or as soon as a survey becomes available for you. The features of MySurvey Messenger 2.0 include:

* Receiving non-survey message alerts from us such as alerts that notify you if you win one of our sweepstakes, alerting you of changes to our website or providing other information related to your membership.
* The capability for you to stop the alert for a particular survey.
* Compatibility with Windows Vista.

When you install or upgrade to MySurvey Messenger 2.0 you will receive 40 MySurvey.com Reward points. Additionally when you upgrade to MySurvey Messenger 2.0 you will receive an entry to win 50,000 Reward Points ($500 cash value) for installing MySurvey Messenger 2.0. One winner is selected each month from those who downloaded and installed during the previous month.

If you are currently using MySurvey Messenger 1.0 you should have already received a message to upgrade to the new version. If you like MySurvey Messenger 1.0 you’ll love MySurvey Messenger 2.0, so upgrade today! If you have not downloaded and installed MySurvey Messenger, or if you would like more information including our MySurvey Messenger FAQ’s log into MySurvey.com and click on MySurvey Messenger on the top menu.

New Reward Items

Earlier this month we added three (3) new mechandise options for MySurvey.com Point redemption:

* Neotec 4-Port Hub V.2.0 - Ports swivel for easy access to USB cables. Connection port turns so that the piece stands upright on any version computer. Indicator light tells user when hub is activated. Requires 1500 points.
* 1G Fold-out USB Flash Drive - This compact flash drive folds neatly into a protective stainless steel cover. When folded shut, it’s shorter than most keys — which makes it a welcome and unobtrusive addition to a key ring. Requires 3500 points.
* Skagen Watch - Classic Skagen quality watch. This watch has an ultra slim stainless steel case and a band with a silver dial. Unisex style with a silver strap and face, quartz movement and water resistant to 30m/100ft. Watch is offered in men’s (large) and ladies (small) sizes - be sure select the appropriate size.

For more information on these or any of our other prize options login to MySurvey.com and click Rewards on the top menu.

Survey Results - Are you getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

Sleep affects how we look, feel and perform on a daily basis and can have a major impact on our overall quality of life. However, millions of Americans are not getting the recommended 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep per day. Are you one of them?

Recently we asked some of our members about their sleep habits. 42.6% of our repondents report getting the same amount of sleep on weekdays and weekends, 27.9% sleep more on the weekends, 4.6% sleep more on weekdays and 24.8% report erratic sleep amounts whether it’s a weekend or weekday. Here’s how many hours per night (or day) they report sleeping:

Hours per Night Percent
Less than 1 Hour .01%
1-2 Hours .03%
3 Hours .07%
4 Hours 4.7%
5 Hours 11.6%
6 Hours 27.2%
7 Hours 30.9%
8 Hours 18.3%
9 Hours 4.4%
10 Hours 1.3%
11 or More Hours .04%

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