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AdBux Completes Payouts, Changes Premium Upgrades

September 24th, 2007

The AdBux program has completed its round of August payouts today, sending out funds to members who had reached the $10 minimum threshold. They have also made some significant changes to the way that premium membership upgrades are handled, making it possible for members to subscribe to this feature one month at a time or pay in advance for 6 or 12 month blocks, thus receiving a discount on the monthly rate.

Meanwhile, subscriptions to the new autoline service have temporarily sold out for regular members, while premium members are still assured of gaining placements and receiving new referrals. My own autoline subscription is scheduled to expire in about four days, and so far its value has been rather questionable. I have obtained 12 referrals from it so far, some which have been semi-active, but the actual monetary gain has only amounted to about 50 cents. The main problem that we are having in making money with this service is not so much the idea of the autoline system itself or even the individual referrals, but the fact that there just aren’t enough ads for my referrals to click on in order to accumulate any significant earnings.

Fortunately, this latest update has brought some hope that there may be some relief from these pitifully low earnings on the horizon. Apparently, the AdBux staff is going to introduce some new options for earnings such as signup offers, paid surveys, contests, and bonus point opportunities. These new features are supposed to be implemented by October 1, and will hopefully increase overall participation as well as the commissions that I am receiving from the autoline referrals. You can check out the details from the program’s latest email below.

Members Payouts!!!

The last batch of payouts for all members who earned over $10.00 in August is now completed. Nearly 2 thousand users were paid, with many users earning over 100 Dollars!

Freshy80, consistently one of our top earners since the launch of AdBux, has now earned over 3,000 dollars! Congratulations to those of you who reached payout, and be sure to post your payment proof screenshots in the forum. If you are getting a check, post a picture of you and your shiny new check for all to see.

The transfer to make payouts took much much longer than expected, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. It was an incredibly frustrating experience, and one to be learned from. Rest assured that the preparation of funds for future payouts will be adjusted to prevent unnecessary delays from occurring again.

Premium Upgrades

Due to popular demand, changes are now in effect for users who want to purchase an Adbux Premium membership. The new upgrade options are listed below.

Monthly Premium (30 days) - $4.95
6-month Premium (180 days) - $19.95
Yearly Premium (365 days) - $35.95

These plans will give members the option to decide which upgrade plan bests suits their needs. The monthly option makes it affordable for nearly everyone to try Premium and help decide if it is something they want to commit to. Each plan offers the full benefits of premium membership, and any money or bonuses you may earn as premium member are yours to keep even after the membership expires. The lifetime premium will no longer be available to buy, however it may be available as a prize for certain contests.

Terms of Service Update

A few modifications were made to the Terms of Service, primarly due to the changes made to Premium Upgrade options. Make sure to review the TOS. If you have any questions regarding anything in the TOS, feel free to contact us.

Auto Line

The response to the first 25 days of Adbux Auto Line has been great, with many members accumulating 13 or 14 referrals already. The added benefit of automatically earning for all of the ads your referrals clicked prior to their placement into your down line is rewarding quite a few members with a nifty increase in their account balances.

AAL is currently sold out to regular members, but spots should begin to open up in the next week, so keep your eyes open wide. Possible changes to the number of subscriptions offered for AAL and the guaranteed availability for Premium members are being discussed, and we will keep you updated on any changes.

AdBux is finalizing the pre-planning for an aggressive multi-platform advertising campaign that will drastically increase the number of new members to the site. More new members means more potential advertisers. This will also directly impact AAL subscribers, providing new referrals into their down line more frequently.

Long Awaited Earning Opportunities

With payments for August behind us, the AdBux team is focusing our efforts on giving everyone a chance to earn more money. Sometime between now and October 1, there will be options to increase your earnings by doing things like signing up for offers, completing surveys, etc. Also the addition of the contests and the bonus-points program will allow the chance to compete for a variety of prizes. More details will be made available shortly before these options are launched.

AdBux Community and Staff

Everyone has been working hard lately to keep things running smoothly for the AdBux community. Our main goal is to provide our members with continual and innovative ways to earn money while online. We have run into a few bumps along the way, but things are shaping up great as far as providing long-term earning potential for everyone who uses AdBux. Our increasing drive for member opportunities, staff professionalism, and improvement of customer service experiences is paying off big time. Tyler, Aston, Dustin, Trav, Chad, myself, along with the mods Corey, Kasper, and Kristina appreciate the many other people whose efforts, suggestions, concerns, and knowledge have helped make AdBux a great site for all members.

Congratulations again to all members who reached payout this time, we look forward to seeing many more in October!


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