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Traffic Pods, Royal Surf Offer Weekend Specials

September 27th, 2007

Two different traffic exchanges are offering substantial bonuses for frequent surfing on Saturday, September 29. Traffic Pods is running a “power hour” each day from the 29th until October 5 in which there will be a one-hour period when all credits earned from surfing, including the bonus pod points, will be doubled or tripled. The TrafficPods admin has announced that the first bonus hour will begin at 3:00 PM Central Time, or 21:00 GMT on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Royal Surf has also announced some interesting opportunities for bonuses this weekend along with the results of some recent contests. In addition to increasing the bonus link credits that appear on the surfbar after every 20 pages surfed, there will be an opportunity on Saturday to win a free upgrade for one month. The only catch is that the upgrades will only be awarded to members who surf at least 1500 pages for the day, which will mean several hours of surfing. The details of the new Royal Surf promotions are provided below.

Greetings Karl,

First of all, let me congratulate the ten members who won for “The Most Credited Surf Page Views”:

1st - User 537: 1000 credits were won
2nd - User 6690: 800 credits were won
3rd - User 700: 650 credits were won
4th - User 2717: 500 credits were won
5th - User 1232: 350 credits were won
6th - User 363: 250 credits were won
7th - User 4303: 150 credits were won
8th - User 6766: 100 credits were won
9th - User 1186: 75 credits were won
10th - User 6400: 50 credits were won

Way to go! The credits have already been added to your accounts.

Next, let me remind you that the latest Referral Competition is still going on. Here are the current standings:

1st User 958 7
2nd User 1232 5
3rd User 731 4
4th User 783 4
5th User 1819 4
6th User 21 4
7th User 2809 3
8th User 5124 3
9th User 5897 3
10th User 5105 3

And here are their potential prizes:

Winnings: cash
1st - $50
2nd - $25
3rd - $20
4th - $15
5th - $10
6th - $5
7th - $5
8th - $5
9th - $5
10th - $5

As you can see, this is still anybody’s “win”. So get those referral URLs out there anywhere you can and grab your own piece of the jackpot!

And the King has all kinds of terrific splashes and banners available for you to use. We even host those for ya so click on the link to “Promote RoyalSurf” in our member’s area, make your choice and get those out there! The contest ends 16 October 2007, so you still have time!

Ok. Now, we have a few other things to cover. The King handed me the Keys to the Kingdom again….lol…..So, here’s what I’m gonna do:

1) From noon Eastern Time on Saturday until….whenever…..I am going to raise the bonus link credits. Click on that link when it come up on the surfbar, and get 10 credits - rather than the “normal” 5. Can’t guarantee how long I’ll leave that on, so grab your extra credits while you can. ;-)

2) Hmmm. What other michief and mayhem can I cause????? Ah! I got it! Any Royal Citizen who surfs 1500 pages on Saturday, 29 September, gets a month’s upgrade to Royal Squire…..on the King. ;-)

I’ll check the statistics on Sunday, and put the upgrades in place manually. So don’t expect to see that immediately. And you won’t have to email me. I’ll take care of ya, if you “make the grade”. :-)

3) Any Royal Squire who surfs 1500 pages will receive 5 Royal Coins in their account.

4) Any Royal Knight who surfs 1500 pages will get a text ad on the Welcome Page after Login for one (1) month. (Only 5 of these are available. Alternate award will be one (1) month of Site Rotation on the Starter Pages)

Ok. I’d better stop before I go too far, and the King exiles me. lol

Some of you are still having issues with the font on the turing number surf verification. If anyone has a recommendation for a font to use that will distinguish between the zero and the capital “O”, please email and tell us. Arial, Times New Roman nor Helvetica will do the trick. That’s why the King put the one in place that’s there now. Another two characters that seem to be causing trouble are the number 8 and the capital “B”. So whatever you might recommend needs to distiguish between those two as well. Find one that will work and, if we use it, you will be well rewarded. The King does like to take care of his Subjects. :-)

The King put that turing number verification in place to stop the cheaters from using auto-bots to garner credits from you and RoyalSurf illegally. As it is right now, he has it set to only come up once out of every 100 pages you surf. Not exactly every one hundred, but in there somewhere. We are trying our best to ensure that you have quality pages to view, and that real people are viewing your pages…not some rotten auto-bot. And we are fighting to keep out those who want to throw in crappy sites that try to download garbage to your computer, or break frame. Granted - the turing number does not prevent those, but we hope that it might help to discourage surfers of the same ilk who submit those sites.

Now, on to something more pleasant. Your admin (me), as many of you already know, is a member of MPAM. If you’ve never heard of it, where the heck have you been? MPAM has been online for 6 years now, and is the foremost place for training in all aspects of online business. But, I digress. If you wanna know more about that, you need to email me and ask about it.

At any rate, MPAM has its own radio station - KMPAM Radio. And I have been helping them out for about the last 6 weeks or so with this new promotion that they are beginning. The Stationmaster, Dave Underwood, believes that KMPAM can become a very viable advertising resource for online business people. And those of us involved with it firmly believe the same. Well, the upshot is that Dave has put together a trivia contest based on music. And it will go “live” around mid-October. We have four wonderful dj’s over there who take turns doing live broadcasts every day of the week. And they will be giving away credits on traffic exchanges to the winners in the trivia contest.

Now, what does this mean to you…and why should you care? Because our King has stepped up and is sponsoring this at KMPAM. That’s right. Listen to KMPAM, answer a trivia question correctly - according to the dj’s instructions - and you COULD win credits for any one of fifteen participating traffic exchanges, including RoyalSurf!

Whew! This is getting to be a short story, rather than just an update. lol I’d better close it out.

As always, I am just a contact request or an email away.

Best Regards,
Catherine “Lady Cat” Heiter, Admin

UPDATE 10/1/07: I managed to surf 1600 pages yesterday and was one of only eight people who won the Royal Squire upgrade. I can now confirm that the upgrade has been credited.

Greetings to All Citizens of the Kingdom!

Well, our week-long celebration capped off quite nicely. Our thanks to all who celebrated with us. :-)

And Congratulations to the Royal Citizens who earned a month’s upgrade to Royal Squire!

Userid PageViews
6002 1778
4303 1679
772 1640
537 1628
2857 1600
3015 1546
6007 1505
6226 1502

Your month-long upgrades are already in place.

No Royal Squires took advantage of the 5 Royal Coin bonus. Too bad. :-(

One Royal Knight grabbed a text ad spot for the next month. As per his request, his site will be shown in rotation instead. I’m just waiting on his URL. ;-)

Userid 304


Since the King and I have pretty much saturated you this past week about the Birthday Bash, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

Many thanks to Userid #4554 for the new font that our King put in place on the turing verification. You will find a little something on your account for you. :-)

And yes, the turing number is now quite easy to ready and verify. The King even put some instructions in place for us. I’ve seen the verification come up, and it looks great!

Beta-testing continues on the new feature. It’s getting closer and closer to completion. And I’m still addicted to it. :-) The more that gets put in place, the better it gets. Stay tuned! I am hoping that it won’t be much longer now. :-D

As always all feedback, suggestions and calls for assistance are welcome. I will ask, however, that if you put in a support request please remember that there is another human being on this end who has feelings too. Shouting and threats are not necessary. In fact when I receive those, the offender usually gets an invitation to leave. The King suggested that I remind everyone that we do have Terms of Service that cover “abusing the staff”. Manners are a must in the Royal Kingdom. :-)

Ok. We’ll call it a day on this.

And don’t forget to get that Referral URL out there so you can grab a piece of the Royal Treasury for winning one of the Top 10 Referrers’ Spots.

Please be sure to login to RoyalSurf, check those URLs for your sites/banners/textlinks and make sure you assign credits/impressions. Then surf with us a while:


If you need assistance, please submit a support request or email me directly. I do my best to get those handled every day.

The King and I both extend our thanks and appreciation to you for being a Loyal Member at Royal Surf. :-)

Best Regards,
Catherine “Lady Cat” Heiter, Admin

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