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World LPP Posts Profits, Promises Upcoming Surprises

October 3rd, 2007

World LPP, the investment partnership program that I had mentioned about a month ago, has posted its monthly profits from the IT call center in Romania. The overall returns are a little better than they were last month, and the company is also allowing a few members to sell back their units, thus opening up a few slots for new or current members to purchase shares. Moreover, the WLPP administrators are promising to release some kind of surprise in the form of free benefits to members, but they are not revealing any of the actual details at this time.

Hi everyone. Conrad here. First, my apologies for not having an update sooner. We have been very busy and I will explain as I go along. The situation at our IT Center is back to normal. In case you forgot, a lot of the bigger companies are now going into Romania and snapping up the talent pool there. We lost a few people who were enticed with higher salaries and perks. We are now back to almost fully staffed but did have to increase their pay and perks a tad bit as well.

The IT Center is going full steam. If you go to Google and type in “Video chat script” you will see our script on the first page up to 3 times. That is now our best seller. We also have a Real Estate script that is starting to attract attention as well, and we will be developing more ready made scripts for sale. Our staff in Iasi, Romania has also landed a nice local contract, and we are working on contracts from other areas as well. The IT Center program is our most successful program to date, and we have a great crew there. There are high expectations for it’s future.

That brings me to another point. I do have 2 people who I am making an exception for in terms of allowing them to resell their units. They have both been working very hard with us and now have personal emergencies where they need their funds back if at all possible. Therefore, I am going to offer their IT units for sale at the prevailing rate of $50 per unit - and we do have 126 to sell now. They are being offered on a first come - first served basis and payment information is down below. Once they are gone, that will be it and WE WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN. The IT Center has generated profits in just about every month this year, so now is your chance to be a part of it. See below, after my closing, for payment details.

Now, on to our other programs. Our PV (payment portal) website is getting close to being done. We have the deal all done with Authorize.net in conjunction with Wells Fargo bank. We will get that done within the next few weeks and are considering adding a safety net to it. By that, I mean that we are considering adding telephone verification to it as well. That would basically make PV the safest payment portal on the internet bar none. More will be forthcoming in the next few weeks but this could be a big one for all of us. Remember - all of you that own Vivamin or PE units now own the same amount of PV units. We changed all of that as we see much more potential with the payment portal at this time.

For our HEC owners - we are still busily working on the new version (strip poker) but had some delays due to personnel difficulties as explained above. You can be assured that since we are now back to full strength, we will get this out to you as quickly as possible. Your patience is appreciated as this is a niche product i.e. no one else will have one like ours…anywhere. More will follow on this too.

We do have a few more surprises for all of our WLPP members, but I am not at liberty to divulge them now. Lets just say that you will be impressed once they are released. It will be to the benefit of every WLPP member at NO EXTRA CHARGE. You have been patient this long so hang in there a bit longer and you will see what I am referring to.

All of our recent changes are for the benefit of our members. Vivamin was not working as expected, and PE did not attract the attention we were hoping for. But we do not like to lose, so we switched everyone to our newer programs at no further cost.
It may take a little longer, but we will make you money and soon.

In closing, I should mention that profits from the IT Center will be added and they came in at 18 cents US per unit. They will be added within the next few days. That’s it for now but there is lots more coming soon. Thank you again for your patience.



There are only 4 ways to buy the IT units ($50US per unit) now for sale, and they are:

Paypal - but you must buy 5 units or more using this method - payment can be made to accounting(at)itconsultinglive.com .
Please stipulate what the payment is for i.e. put IT UNIT BUY in the message field and include your WLPP ID

Moneybookers - you can use accounting(at)itconsultinglive.com to make payment there - no amount restriction so you can buy one or more there. Make sure that you specify what the buy is for i.e. IT UNITS and include your WLPP ID

You can use our Linkpoint payment gateway at http://www.itconsultinglive.com/pay/apay.php - you can buy any amount here but specify that it is for IT UNITS and include your WLPP ID.

Or you can snailmail a check or money order to:
IT Center
22811 Meridian Ave E. Ste B-19
Graham, Washington 98338 USA
Also, include your WLPP ID

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