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IGProfit.com: HYIP Gets Even Dumber

October 5th, 2007

Although I have not commented on any ridiculous HYIP spam for a while, you probably haven’t missed much. I have been simply deleting most of the emails for these “investment opportunities” because they are not really saying anything that I have not already covered in previous posts. Today, however, I got spammed with a program that seems to take the idea of ridiculous HYIP to a whole new level of dumb: IGProfit.com.

Their email began with a paragraph of duplicate content copied from the site and then presented us with the “investment” plans:

This the plan of this programs below :

1st Level :
400% after 1 day ( 12 hours ).
Min. Invest is 5 USD.
Max. Invest is 249 USD.

2nd Level :
500% after 1 day ( 12 hours ).
Min. Invest is 250 USD.
Max. Invest is 449 USD.

3rd Level :
600% after 1 day ( 12 hours ).
Min. Invest is 449 USD.
Max. Invest is 1,000 USD.

Calculate your profit if join at minumum invest at 1st Level.
5 x 400% is 20 USD, remember only within 12 hours (1 day).

what do you waiting for? Want to loose this chances?
No…no..no…! Take this chances. Thay pay you extremly.

Go this link http://www.igprofit.com/
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Get you money now, or never!
The success man is not a smart man, but the man who take right decision.

see you there,

After looking at the site, I noticed two major faux pas in the design right away. First, near the bottom of the left column where they are announcing the launch, they use black text on a very dark gray background, such that it is virtually impossible to read without first dragging your mouse over it (this will highlight the text by making the background appear in a much lighter shade of gray). The second mistake is even more obvious- they actually use blinking text for their welcome message and place it right in the middle of the home page! This rather amateurish tactic generally went out of style back in the 1990’s, and the fact that a “professional” business site would do something like this is well, like I said before, a whole new level of dumb.

But of course, our intrepid spammers don’t stop there. They go on to make all sorts of other mistakes in English usage and outlandish claims in their content, leading anyone but the most foolish and desperate to conclude that this program is almost certainly a scam. Conclusion: if you really, really want to get rid of your e-gold, go ahead and “invest”. Otherwise, this site should provide some comic relief that we can enjoy while taking a break from more serious marketing endeavors.

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    […] came across this post - IGProfit.com: <b>HYIP</b> Gets Even Dumber - and thought it was worth sharing. I hope you find it interesting too and take the time to read […]

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    But they pay me

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