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EasyHits4U.com Expands Features, Launches Surfing Contest

October 12th, 2007

Currently rated as one of the best performing manual traffic exchanges, EasyHits4U.com has just released their latest newsletter. They are announcing a new surfing contest for October along with some significant expansions of the site’s features that will now be made available to free members. Specifically, it will now be possible for free members to surf without having to have an active site in the rotation, making it possible for us to save up credits and use them later at our discretion.

In another welcome move for credit savers, they have also lifted the forced 50% auto assign requirement, which means that we can now receive one full credit for each site that we view while also saving up to 100% of our advertising potential. The details of both the contest and the feature expansions are explained in the newsletter below.

This Week Promo

You know that Top 10 surfers receive a bonus at the end of each day (10% of their today’s record bonus for the 1st place, 9% for the 2nd etc).


Top 10 surfers will receive bonuses at the end of Contest:

1st place: 5 000 credits + $5 cash + 10 000 banner impressions
2nd place: 4 000 credits + $5 cash + 9 000 banner impressions
3rd place: 3 000 credits + $5 cash + 8 000 banner impressions
4th place: 2 000 credits + $5 cash + 7 000 banner impressions
5th place: 1 000 credits + $5 cash + 6 000 banner impressions
6th place: 1 000 credits + $5 cash + 5 000 banner impressions
7th place: 1 000 credits + $5 cash + 4 000 banner impressions
8th place: 1 000 credits + $5 cash + 3 000 banner impressions
9th place: 1 000 credits + $5 cash + 2 000 banner impressions
10th place: 1 000 credits + $5 cash + 1 000 banner impressions

Surf more — Get credits, cash and banners!

* Contest ends on October 31, 2007.

All current surfing bonuses will be applied during this period as well.
Cash bonus will be added to your account balance on the 1 November and you can request your cashout any time.

Latest News

Don’t forget that our credits offer expires this Sunday:
Purchase credits and receive bonus — triple the amount in FREE banner impressions!

Don’t have a site to promote or simply want to pause it, accumulate credits and assign them later? Ok, it’s possible for all users (not only for Premium members) starting from today. You don’t have to have active site on your account anymore. Well, you can even surf without a single site on your account :-)

And another Premium feature is becoming available for all our members: Auto-assign ratio can be decreased down to 0% (zero). It means that you can surf, receive 1 credit per site during surfing, accumulate earned credits on your account balance and then assign them to your sites when you want.

This week’s buyer drawing winner is “redcartiers” who already received 2000 bonus credits! Drawing continues — any member who purchases at least 1000 credits is automatically entered into current drawing.

Update 10/24/07: EasyHits4U has sent out some more news items today. They are suggesting the use of a FlashMute tool or the “Stop Autoplay” extension for Firefox to stop those annoying sites that automatically play audio or video files upon visiting their web pages. Information about using whitelists for free email services is also being provided at the site in order to help new members who are having problems receiving their activation emails.

Latest News

Another great tool has been suggested by one of our members. If you can’t pause audio/video with FlashMute tool or using Macintosh computer, please try “Stop Autoplay” Add-on for Firefox which has a lot of options and works very well. Please report only those sites which cannot be muted with FlashMute and Stop Autoplay add-on.

We are expecting to welcome 50,000th member in the end of November. However some of new members cannot activate their EasyHit4U accounts because activation emails from us can be lost by free mail services.

So we have prepared instructions to whitelist our email addresses for the most popular mail services to minimize amount of users with unverified email addresses. Please check these instructions on the registration page. This can be useful not only for new but for existing members as well. For example, when you decide to update your email address on the “Account info” page or in case if emails from us go to your Bulk/Junk mail folder.

Unfortunately we didn’t build a page with dynamically updated current standings in the Surfing Contest yet so please contact us to check your current standing.

This week’s buyer drawing winner is “paladin1222″ who already received 2000 bonus credits! Drawing continues — any member who purchases at least 1000 credits is automatically entered into current drawing. Winner “paladin1222″ purchased only 1000 credits 2 days ago and won amongst hundreds of drawing tickets :-)

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