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Motivation for Writers: Guts or Gusto?

October 14th, 2007

Although this article by L.T. Wright was composed from the standpoint of a traditional freelance writer, most of the same motivations and experiences that the author mentions also apply to modern bloggers. The technology of writing and publishing has certainly changed; instead of dealing with brown envelopes and mailboxes, we can simply press that handy-dandy little “Publish” button. However, this article is still one that I can readily relate to because the fundamental experiences involved with creating new content and attempting to make a living from it have not substantially changed with the passage of time.

What exactly is it that motivates wannabe writers to take the plunge into the competitive, minefield spawn world of writing?

It is a scary experience finally posting off with shaking hands and apprehension, that big brown envelope full of all your hopes and dreams of becoming an established writer. Now the waiting begins and you start to count rejection letters jumping over the fence in place of sheep in your sleep.

Is it Guts?

Perhaps, it takes guts in willing your fingers to let go. ‘Come on fingers, you can do it, just let go of that darn envelope’. You finally let it drop into the post-box, when sheer panic sets in and sudden realisation hits home. It is too late now to get it back!

It is hard knowing you have just set yourself up as target practice for the hunter we have come to know and fear, namely the Editor! There are no prizes for guessing who is next in their long line of innocent prey- little novice nimble fingers themselves of course, the new writer.

On the other hand;

Is it Gusto?

Possibly, there never appears to be any shortage of gusto transferring thoughts from head, to hand, then on to paper. The words become animated as each piece you write starts to come to life.

You may get tired, defeated, frustrated at times, but your good friend gusto just keeps on pushing and thank goodness it does. How else would the literary world be so rich if every writer both past and present had run off with their tail between their legs at the merest hint of a rejection letter?

Whatever your reasons for becoming a writer, there is no doubt it takes both guts and gusto to share your most personal thoughts with the world. Whether you write for fun, curiosity, communication, or sheer passion, SOMEBODY has to do it! Therefore, it might as well be you.

Trust me… I’m a writer.

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