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Michele Ballard Releases Owl Post General Update

October 15th, 2007

The-Owl-Post PTR has released a fairly comprehensive update today, covering topics such as recent payouts, mailer issues, and blog updates.

On an interesting side note, I recently discovered during a Google search on her name that Admin Michele Ballard was mentioned in a rather lengthy Business Week article from October of last year. The topic of the article is “Click Fraud” and the piece on Michele is buried pretty far down on the page. To find it, scroll down until you see the boldface subheading “Korean Clones” and look for the 13th paragraph below this. The next four paragraphs are about our intrepid webmistress. Business Week’s coverage of her was not entirely favorable because of the implication that her program may be enabling click fraud, but they did give her a chance to defend herself and the PTR industry.

Meanwhile, she has finally started to post some “ramblings” on her blog at http://theowlsblog.blogspot.com/ after a long dry spell. During this period, some questionable entries were made in which a few words, apparently from the Spanish language, were displayed as a title, but the posts were otherwise completely devoid of content. More recently, placed in between the entries for October 12th and 15th, a third mysterious Spanish language entry was made, this one containing about a paragraph of actual text for the body of the post. Amazingly, neither Michele nor any of the other contributors to the Owl Post blog have done anything about these illogical entries or have offered any sort of explanation for them. In my opinion, it is probably just some Spam that is being made to look like it is coming from one of the blog’s authors.

At any rate, you can read the program update below, complete with the usual complement of smiley faces and occasional English usage errors:

Hey gang!

Wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what’s going on and everything. We had a little bit of trouble with the mailer last week but it’s back going again. Some of our site support sites was down and some got a little bit of a change. The support on the daily emails has kinda went down, but I hope with the face lift, they will pick up again. I finished all of July payouts last week. At this time, we only need about $144.00 to catch up on all payouts. With the site problems and all, we probably won’t make enough the end of October to catch that up, but if support on those links picks up, we should be able to catch up completely in November. My goal is to get payouts caught up, then increase the link value and randomly set up some of the point ptc redemptions as cash.

Also, I set up 2 point links for cash last week. We shouldn’t have to worry about that anymore though. I contacted our programmer and he fixed it so that if I try to set up a cash email for more a quarter, right above the paid link, it says BEWARE in bright red. So unless I’m totally asleep, I should notice that lol

This is pretty important. I know that some members are getting a lot of emails per day and I had a member email me that they just couldn’t keep up. That’s fine. All I ask is that you do what you feel comfortable doing and support the links you do click. Also, I know I’ve said this in the past, but I want to repeat it for the newer members. There’s a few search links in the daily support emails, a search is not required. Actually to be honest, you aren’t required to do anything except click on the paid links and you don’t even have to click every one of those. If you only feel comfortable clicking 10 links a day, that’s fine. I don’t want anyone to feel that they have to sit for hours clicking. :)

Also, on the owl blog, I’ve posted a couple of posts. Keep checking back, as random thoughts hit me, I’ll be posting them. :)

I was hoping to get the finances page updated today, but it’s almost nightly tv time and I’ve been going all day on here. :)

Thank you for being a member and sticking with me. I love each and everyone of you. :)


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