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Royal Surf Update with Jousting Tournament Video

October 16th, 2007

Another rather comprehensive update was released by Royal Surf today, bringing news of an upcoming game feature, tweaks to surf ratios and bonuses, special awards for advertising and splash page design, and the winners of recent surfing contests.

This time, however, before displaying the text of the update, I will include a little video of some jousting tournament footage that was produced by the Full Tilt jousting troupe from Australia. I know that some of you are arriving at my Royal Surf update pages from searches on keywords like “jousting tournament”, “medieval jousting”, and other similar phrases. This means that you may be experiencing some disappointment upon discovering that the content of these pages is about some traffic exchange that you’ve probably never heard of instead of the real jousting-related information that you were presumably expecting.

If you happen to be one of these readers, then hopefully this video will satisfy some of your curiosity about what medieval jousting performances really looked like. This particular clip was one of the best quality productions available at YouTube on the subject, although there are many others that can be viewed by doing a video search on jousting-related keywords. This particular piece is approximately two minutes long and highlights the various feats that medieval knights performed during the jousting tournaments, including a dramatic double unhorsing scene near the end.

Contents Overview

1. Buy Credits - Win Credits?
2. New Game Preparation
3. Cash for Advertising RoyalSurf!
4. Vote for Best Splash Page and Win Cash
5. Surf 50 Sites and Win Ending Today

1. Buy Credits - Win Credits?
Buy your credits from now through next Tuesday, October 23rd, and be included in a draw for 2000 extra credits.

2. New Game Preparation
Some tweeks and adjustments are being made to prepare for the coming of our new game, which will likely be implemented by the end of this month. (FINALLY!)

Some of these changes are temporary and some may be more lasting, but in the end they will be very beneficial to you, Karl. It’s possible you may notice some “oddities” but please be patient as they will be insignificant and very few.

Among these changes, are some recent adjustments to surf ratios and bonus credits links. Surf ratios have gone up and bonus credits links come more frequently (every 16 sites vs. every 20 sites), but the bonus credits links are worth 3 credits now instead of 5 credits. This actually works out to pretty much the same with the adjustments but serves our low-end surfers better.

Never fear, the new game will bring fun, challenges, eliminate boredom and introduce cool bonuses too!

3. Cash for Advertising RoyalSurf!
We are going to reward you for advertising and promoting RoyalSurf in other traffic exchanges.

Weekly, our Admin and myself will look for splash pages advertising RoyalSurf in other traffic exchanges.

Our goal will be to pick two people each week, from now through November 13th, to win $5, $10, or $15 paid to their PayPal account.

If we find a regular RoyalSurf splash page being advertised that’s worth $5.

If we find you customized one of our customizable splash pages and you have targeted to that traffic exchange, that’s worth $10.

If we find you’ve got your own uniquely customized splash page that really catches our eye, that’s worth $15.

After November 13th, we will pick the best overall eye-catching splash page advertising RoyalSurf and that will be worth another $15!

4. Vote for Best Splash Page and Win Cash
Continuing our theme to reward the effective use of good splash pages, we are going to run our own splash page contest right here at RoyalSurf.

Except, this time “YOU” get to vote for the best splash pages.

As you surf RoyalSurf, when you see a splash page that particularly catches your eye and you think it is very effective, vote for it by:

a. Clicking on “Report Site”.. do NOT send email
b. Type in “VOTE” and submit.
c. Failure to follow these simple instructions exactly will NOT count.. no exceptions.

Things to consider when voting

a. Grabs your attention/standsout from the crowd
b. Communicates an “Action” for you to take
c. Asks for contact info, such as email address

What is your incentive to vote? Good question.

You will learn what kind of splash pages grab attention so you can make more effective ones of your own.

Not good enough? Hmmm. How about this then..

If you are the first person to vote for the splash page that receives the most votes, you win $20!

The person who owns the the splash page that receives the most votes, wins $35!

So get your very best splashes in rotation, assign those credits, and keep surfing to make sure they are seen.

And be sure to pay attention to the sites coming up so you can vote for the good splash pages. Don’t forget to type in “VOTE” when you report the site or your vote will not count.

5. Surf 50 Sites and Win Ending Today
This is the last day of our daily surf 50 sites minimum contest so be sure to finish strong! Each person listed have all won at least 100 credits!

Those on the 12th, each won 200 credits and three lucky members won an additional 400 credits for surfing at least 50 sites a day for 5 days out of 7!

Here are all the lucky winners:

16 Oct: (1) ndrbiz, (2) fireman, and (3) newway
15 Oct: (1) gejzirsoft, (2) britney, and (3) kklemm
14 Oct: (1) shonari, (2) misamber, and (3) amandaz
13 Oct: (1) brenda8, (2) replytoken, and (3) cdejac
12 Oct +200 Credits: (1) ndrbiz, (2) teebee, (3) ninas,
……..(4) glika, (5) scropion, and (6) network
11 Oct: (1) freeuklottery, (2) barbie, and (3) brenda8
10 Oct +400 Credits: (1) basscash, (2) cambobusy, and (3) nayla40
10 Oct: (1) pericles, (2) pcprod, and (3) mkaloian
9 Oct: (1) bluefire1307, (2) bigdaddio, and (3) jrp2000
8 Oct: (1) offer123, (2) mikec86, and (3) bloubul
7 Oct: (1) fbelzile, (2) basscash, and (3) nayla40
6 Oct: (1) kiwikiss, (2) uwchem94, and (3) cdejac
5 Oct: (1) camobusy, (2) aussie38, and (3) musashi4
4 Oct: (1) tkovacek, (2) retsal, and (3) kaliko

Have thee a “Royal” Day!

His Royal Majesty, The King,

Michael Kelly

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