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Share Ad Space Reduces Advertising Prices

October 21st, 2007

After a long dry spell, Share Ad Space (SAS) has delivered a notable program update, announcing a temporary reduction in both membership upgrades and regular advertising packages. Perhaps more significantly, Admin Rod Baker has hinted that a new paid-to-promote feature is in the works, which represents an exciting development for SAS fans.

For most of the program’s history, the main feature that most SAS members used was the paid-to-promote (PTP) system. It employed a rather Byzantine method of awarding cashable credits based on country tiers, 12-hour unique page views, and a fairly restrictive list of pre-approved sites where PTP pages were allowed to be promoted for credit. Membership upgrades were also available for a relatively low weekly rate, allowing “Pro” or “Elite” members to obtain better manual surfing ratios and earn more cashable credits for each valid page view they sent to the PTP pages.

Unfortunately for then-current members, the whole system had to be scrapped in July 2006 after a lightning strike (along with an unbelievable blunder by a technician at the hosting company that caused the server’s backup files to be erased) irrevocably corrupted most of the program’s database files, prompting Rod Baker to eventually restart SAS from scratch last November. The PTP system disappeared, replaced by relatively cheap advertising credits, some very small random cash awards for using the manual surfer, a “trade or no trade” game, and more recently, a new match game.

If things go smoothly, the new PTP system should be interesting. Unlike the old system, it promises to have no restrictions on where members can promote the pages, and will reportedly offer higher payment rates ranging from $2 to $3 per thousand page views. The main “catches” will be that the page views must be 6-hour system wide uniques, and the new feature (at least initially) will only be available to upgraded members. Admin is hoping that these new features will prompt members to promote the pages outside of the usual traffic exchange and PTR industries, which could bring in an influx of fresh members who may be more receptive to SAS advertisers.

The full text of the latest program update is provided below:

Hello members,

I am pleased to announce a special THREE DAY SALE! First, the ad credits sale:

1,000 credits: was 30cents, now 24cents!
5,000 credits: was $1.43, now $1.14!
10,000 credits: was $2.70, now $2.16!
50,000 credits: was $12.75, now $10.20!
100,000 credits: was $24.00, now $19.20!

Hurry and stock up today!

Next, the UPGRADE sale: The prices on the UPGRADES have been drastically slashed by 40%! Part of this reduction is due to the sale while part of it is due to the change in upgrade features.

The level 2 upgrade has dropped from 500 free credits to 400.
The level 3 upgrade has dropped from 2,000 free credits to 1,000.
The level 4 upgrade has dropped from 5,000 free credits to 3,000.
The level 5 upgrade has dropped from 12,000 free credits to 8,000.

All other perks for the upgrades remain the same.

Level 2: was 28 cents per week, now 20 cents per week
Level 3: was 56 cents per week, now 40 cents per week
Level 4: was $1.40 per week, now $1.00 per week
Level 5: was $2.80 per week, now $2.00 per week


Some of you may be asking WHY A SALE? WHY TODAY?

Two reasons:

1. A new bonus feature while surfing should increase the daily activity and thus, we will need more pages advertised to handle the increased consumption. The bonus will work like this: the moment we have 25 USA and CANADA surfers online at one time, the cash pool DOUBLES! The moment we fall below the 25 member threshold, the cash pool will fall back to its original size. This means, the more active everyone is, the more CASH everyone can win! The cash pool bonus affects EVERYONE, not just the USA and CANADA members. However, only the USA and CANADA members will contribute to the 25 member threshold. This is because most advertisers are targeting these two companies so that is where we need more activity.

2. This will probably be the biggest thing to hit SAS since the relaunch…Long ago I told members that I WON’T add a PTP section to SAS unless I came up with something completely new. Well, I believe I have the answer. It is a hybrid of several things including PTP. I call it P2BU (paid to be unique OR paid to be you).
I won’t go into the details of all of it right now but several key points I would like to mention are:

~ NO LIST OF APPROVED SITES! That’s right! Advertise ANYWHERE you can think of!
~ $2 to $3 CPM based on system wide uniques (not per member). One of the problems with many PTPs is the flood of hits from a single IP, even though they are viewing different member pages. We will have a system wide 6 hour unique IP system, meaning, once an IP views an SAS page, another valid will not come from that IP until 6 hours have lapsed. While this may sound bad, we are offsetting this with the ultra high CPM rates ($2 to $3). My vision is that many members will reach out BEYOND our current industry and get other viewers, potential new members, to join SAS and our industry. Have a myspace page? Put a link to your SAS P2BU page in it. Yahoo messenger? Put a blurb about SAS there. Anywhere you can think of (no spamming of course!). Since we don’t have an approved list, you don’t have to wait for approval from where you advertise.

One thing I want to make clear is I will be opening up this new feature in phases. The first members that can use the P2BU will be the upgraded members. If all goes well, tweaking the numbers to make this feature profitable, I may open it up to ALL members (notice I said MAY).

This is the reason for the 2 sales above. Reducing the upgraded memberships will allow more members to upgrade and utilize the P2BU. Reducing the price of the ad credits will allow those advertisers to accumulate credits who wish to advertise on the P2BU.

I hope that others will be as excited about the P2BU as I am. Finally, a PTP that members (and non members) may actually look forward to viewing since no two pages will be the same (hence, the UNIQUE aspect).

Take care everyone. The sales are now live and will remain until midnight, OCT 24th (Wednesday night, Thursday morning).

Rod Baker, admin

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