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Opinion Matters: MySurvey October 2007 Newsletter

October 23rd, 2007

MySurvey.com, a market research company that allows members to register at the site and get paid for taking surveys, has released this month’s edition of their newsletter, Opinion Matters. In its content, the MySurvey staff answers several questions that have been asked by members relating to issues in which some people get stuck in the middle of taking a survey for some reason and cannot seem to complete it.

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There is also a detailed explanation for how to keep track of points that have been awarded for surveys. Information on how to track checks or other forms of payment that we have requested is included as well.

Finally, the results of a recent survey about how people celebrate Halloween are displayed in the table at the end of the page.

Continuing a Survey After Receiving an Error Message

Has this ever happened to you while taking a survey?

“I keep getting a message that I cannot continue because I haven’t answered all the questions on the screen. I don’t see any unanswered questions.”

“I don’t know how to get to the next screen, there is no next or continue button.”

Usually this occurs when the web page is larger than your screen size and can’t display all the items on the page. If you look closely you’ll seen an inner scroll bar within the survey, located on the right-hand side of the survey screen. Please use this scrollbar to verify you have viewed and answered all questions for the current page.

Some other possible reasons you may not be able to continue and how to resolve them:

* The question is asking you to enter numbers in several fields. Make sure you have filled in each field. If your answer is zero, you may need to enter 0 (zero).
* The question is in grid form; you must have an answer in each row (or column). Look at the specific question to determine what it is asking for: row vs. column answers. As you review the question, line by line, make sure all of the rows (or columns) have at least one answer selected.
* Sometimes the “Next Question” button is located to the far bottom right of the screen and therefore difficult to locate. Please scroll to the bottom and the far right of the page to see if the button is there.

Keeping Track of your MySurvey.com Reward Points

Below are some common questions we receive from our members - you may have had these same questions from time to time:

“How do I find out how many reward points I have?”

“I don’t see the points I earned for participating in an online discussion group.”

“I redeemed my reward points for a check, but I don’t know what the status is.”

To find out how many points you have earned:

* Login to MySurvey.com
* Click on Rewards on the top menu
* The box in the upper right corner of that page summarizes how many points you have earned.
* Click on Points Awarded for details on the surveys you have completed in the past 8 weeks.
* Click on Special Awards to see the reward points you have earned for non-survey related tasks such as winning sweepstakes, downloading MySurvey Messenger, participating in an online discussion group, etc.

To find the status of any reward point redemptions from the past 8 weeks:

* Login to MySurvey.com
* Click on Rewards on the top menu
* Click on Points Redeemed in the upper right corner of that page.
* Points redeemed in the past 8 weeks will be listed along with a “status”. Here is what that status means:
Ordered - We have received your point redemption request and will begin processing it shortly.
Printing - Your request is being processed and will be sent shortly. Although this status reads “printing” it does includes non-check redemption items.
Mailed - Your request has been processed and sent to you. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Cancelled - There was a problem with your redemption request and we could not process it. This is usually due to a lack of complete name and address or your check/item was returned to us as undeliverable.

Survey Results - Celebrating Halloween

The tradition of trick or treating began during the Middle Ages when the poor would go door to door begging for food around All Souls Day (or All Saints Day) in exchange for prayers for the dead. Over time that tradition has changed and children “begged” for treat in exchange for not being tricked. Nowadays it’s all about the costumes and candy.

Recently we asked some of our members how they celebrate Halloween. Here’s what they had to say:

Halloween Activity Percent
Buy candy/treats for trick or treaters 72.20%
Attend (or throw) a costume party 22.80%
Attend (or throw) party without costumes 9.90%
Dress in costume even if there are no parties 28.20%
Carve or decorate pumpkins 39.30%
Watch a local Halloween parade 7.40%
Decorate your home 37.80%
Other 10.90%
Do not do anything to celebrate Halloween 11.40%

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