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AdBux Launches New AdBux Offer Section

October 25th, 2007

The pay-per-click program AdBux, not to be confused with Bux.to and a myriad of other clone sites, has expanded the earning possibilities of members with their rollout of a new “Browse Offers” page earlier today. This is welcome news for me because overall earnings with this program have been quite slow lately. There have not been many ads available to click on, and the ones that do appear often expire quickly because there are so many other members to use up the advertiser’s allotted number of clicks.

However, the new paid-for-action offers, if they are approved and credited properly, will greatly increase the earnings potential and make it much easier to reach the $10 minimum payout within a reasonable amount of time. They are also offering a generous 50% commission on all offers completed by referrals, which may help me somewhat because of my previous subscription to the AdBux autoline.

I have already completed a few of the offers earlier tonight and submitted them for approval. Time will tell whether or not they get approved and eventually credited to the account (according to the site, it can take up to 32 days to actually credit the funds), but if all goes well, I might need to take this program off my “not worth it” list. Meanwhile, you can read the latest email from AdBux announcing the latest expansion:

We’ve officially and finally launched the new offer section and currently have over 80 offers available in 239 countries with new offers being added everyday. Nearly all of the offers are 100% free, some of the free offers pay up to $10+ per signup!

Currently, most offers are only available to countries like the US, Canada, UK and Australia… however, the amount of offers will continue to grow per country as we continue to create more affiliate relationships with third party advertisers.

On the last newsletter, we mentioned that the referral commission will be up to 10%. Well, to once again revolutionize things (hey, we did it to PTC, we can do it to PTS), we’ve changed this figure to (up to) 100% commission on what your referrals earn from their completed offers. When I say “up to,” I mean that non-premium members earn 50% while premium members earn 100% direct referral commission. If you’re premium and one of your referrals earns $20 from offers, you’ll earn $20 from those offers too.

Maybe you aren’t truly realizing the new potential that AdBux is clearly portraying. The total worth of JUST the FREE offers is currently $137.16! If you live in a country where there are only a few offers available, your referrals from other parts of the world can do the offers and you’ll make the same amount of money as if you were to do them! The only difference is that you won’t directly earn from those offers because you didn’t have them in the first place!

We launched this last night at 10:00 EST and some users have already earned over $30 in offer earnings.

We planned on getting the support pages all updated with the new offer program today but other things got in the way, look for those updates by tomorrow sometime. The updates will explain how the offers work, pending times, incomplete offers and more.

In other news, the new Incentrum service “zTalk” is slowly growing in its membership with nearly 350 members and over 1,000 posts. And guess what? It’s Troy’s birthday!


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  1. comment number 1 by: Aston Miller

    Hey thanks for the post! I like the layout of your site also, keep up the good work.

  2. comment number 2 by: George

    Nice post, I’ve just joined, it looks awesome :D

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