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ToBux Review: AdBux Clones Just Keep On Coming

October 30th, 2007

Yes, here we go again. Yet another AdBux clone has surfaced, and as of this writing appears to have attracted over 5000 members already. Normally I wouldn’t bother posting about this because there are already dozens, perhaps hundreds of similar sites all using the same basic script. But this particular program that I discovered has two notable “features” that set it apart from most of the other AdBux clones. The first is that it appears to have originated in France and even has a French promotional banner.

Things get even more interesting when we begin to look at the various pages of the site and actually read the content. The home page title tag reads “Tobux really cash money”, while their explanation of the program to potential affiliates contains statements such as “advertisers trust us through our words and our offers to them offered a price mediocre”. The News page is especially remarkable; the content is approximately half English and half French, with the English portions of the text displaying such gems as “Your payout rĂ©alised in 24 hours opening worked” and “Begin dice now has to earn money”.

Believe it or not, I actually joined this mangled pile of crap rather unusual program last week (hey, someone has to review these things!), and upon registration, I noticed its second notable feature in their Terms of Service. It appears that this program is not only an AdBux clone, but also a clone of Bux.to, which is itself an AdBux clone. In case you are not already sufficiently confused, check out these little passages from the first part of the program’s TOS:

Please read the following rules and terms of the adbux service very carefully before joining. We’ve tried to keep them as short and simple as possible so they would be easy to understand and follow.

1) Sending unsolicited mail to people, asking them to join Bux.to without any prior contact with you is not only against our policy, but it is also illegal.

Yes, that’s right- they actually refer to themselves as “adbux” and “Bux.to” in the same document! But keep in mind that the real name of the program is neither of these- this is supposed to be ToBux! But it gets even better (or worse, depending on how we look at it):

11) You are not an employee of adbux and you are not an independent contractor for Bux.to. We simply create a middle-man connection from the advertiser to the consumer. You or adbux has the right to terminate this relationship at any time.

Okay, so let me get this straight…I cannot claim to be an employee of AdBux, nor do I have official independent contractor status with Bux.to. But could I still be an employee of Bux.to or an independent contractor for AdBux? Also, according to this clause, AdBux can terminate my relationship with ToBux even though AdBux is a completely different company based in some other country. Amazing!

By now some of you may be wondering about whether or not I would recommend that you join this questionable venture remarkable program or what kind of earning potential it might have. Well, so far I have earned a whopping eight cents from three days of ad clicks, which puts this one in the “get rich so slowly that you might as well wait until next century” category. On the plus side, they have recently lowered the minimum payout threshold from $10 to $7, and they also offer one cent for clicks from referrals like AdBux does, so I suppose this could potentially add up. One thing that would make this program more attractive is a paid offer section similar to what AdBux has recently implemented.

Until then, the only thing that I can say for certain is that these folks seriously need to find themselves a good translator and proofreader. Frankly, I would be embarrassed (not to be confused with the French word embrasser, which means “to kiss”) to put up a site like this, especially considering the fact that this is supposed to be a money making opportunity open to the general public. But as long as people keep joining these things by the thousands, the lure of the almighty dollar (or euro) will eventually attract a few advertisers and perhaps keep the program afloat.

Because the program is still new and is not running many ads at present, it is difficult to tell whether ToBux is a scam or not. However, I will monitor the forums over the next few months and update this post if I see any reliable reports of payments or scamming activity.

UPDATE 6/15/08: After going through the PTR section of my bookmarks and checking up on this program, it seems that this site has disappeared. I have now removed the banner and links since they are no longer working or displaying. Interestingly, although ToBux is gone, Bux.to is still going strong and actually serving more available ads and clicks than before. My last two logins have showed 14 new ads each day, and I am currently still a free member (not upgraded) here.

The original AdBux is also still functional and is doing pretty well with its offer section and new revenue share model.

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  1. comment number 1 by: GPearce

    I think it’s an excellent program, and I use it all teh time!

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