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Post Some Owls: Michele Ballard Makes PayPal Payouts

November 1st, 2007

owl-post.jpgIn case you are wondering about the funny title, I actually received a search query from Germany yesterday with the text, “post some owls”. The click came through to my last Owl Post update, which was in the #4 position at the time for this particular search term. I don’t know whether or not the searcher was ever really satisfied with this result, but for those of you who may have landed at this page while looking for information on owls and are confused by these program updates, here’s the scoop.

The-Owl-Post happens to be the name of a PTR (paid to read) program that was founded by Michele Ballard back in 2002. She seems to have borrowed the name from the postal system used in the Harry Potter novels. The program itself really doesn’t have much to do with owls, but it is still a good way to make a little bit of extra money if you don’t mind receiving a few emails and reading some of the members’ advertisements. Occasionally, these ads can be fairly interesting and may lead to other online money making opportunities. For me, the Owl Post (along with several other PTR programs that I joined approximately three years ago) has provided an important gateway into the online advertising and Internet marketing fields, and some of the lessons learned here eventually led to the creation of this blog.

The latest Owl Post program update brings some good news. As of October 29, PayPal payouts were finally caught up all the way through September, bringing them up to speed with the current month. Admin is also considering adding some entries to the cash paid-to-click section of the site by allowing members to redeem for these using their accumulated points or cash earnings. The actual email text has been reprinted below for your reading pleasure:

Boy do I have some good news for you. :) Yesterday afternoon I paid all remaining August paypal payouts and I paid all September paypal payouts!!! We are officially caught up to October and it’s still October!!!!! Are we good or what??? Plus, there’s only $54.00 in October payouts for paypal. I’m hoping to get enough payouts from assorted places to pay that before November 1st, which will put us totally back on track. Now if you requested payout in August or September and you didn’t get paid, then check your payout details in your user info, fill in the payout details then request again, please? If you requested in October and you notice the money is gone from your account but you didn’t receive it, just be patient. (I know I just waited my time there lol 6 people will email me and ask where their money is LOL)

Also, I’ve been giving the ptc sections some thought. We don’t really get any cash paid clicks, so I’m thinking of adding some cash ptc redemptions you can purchase with points and for the point ptcs, I’m thinking of increasing the point value from 2 points each to maybe 4 points each. Anybody have any thoughts on that? If so, let me know at cheleb(at)ocdirect.net or cheleb36(at)gmail.com.

Thank you for being so great and so supportive. :)


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