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LPStuff.com Features Greeting Cards, Holiday Items

November 2nd, 2007

lpstuff.gifThe Libertarian Party products store LPStuff.com seems to have significantly expanded their selection of merchandise since I posted about them last month. This convenient e-commerce site has now added holiday greeting cards to its line of offerings, along with many other new items such as banners, necklaces, pendants, and an ever-growing variety of t-shirt designs. The latest email announcement from LPStuff.com is reprinted below:

We all love the holiday season: a time when everyone is joyous and willing to extend an act of kindness. The world seems to come alive with millions of lights and decorations hanging from windows to lawns.

As we try our best to be with distant friends and family during the holiday season, sometimes it just doesn’t work. A greeting card is a terrific way to send your holiday wishes far away.

The exclusive Libertarian Greeting Cards serve as warm tokens of appreciation coupled with style and sophistication. These high quality cards feature a full-color design that is subtly patriotic yet full of the holiday spirit. These cards are a fantastic deal! Each order contains 12 cards with envelopes in a stationary box for extended storage.

For the first time ever, the official LNC logo is available as an exquisite etched glass ornament. These are available exclusively at LPStuff.com with only a mere 96 ornaments left. Each Ornament comes packaged in a gold linen box and will make a beautiful addition to your holiday decorations. So, light up this season with your love for freedom and the American way. Remember: once they are gone, . . . they are gone forever.

DON’T FORGET! There is one week left to pre-order the brand new t-shirt “Live Free – Vote Libertarian shirt”. If you pre-order the new shirt before November 9th you will receive 10% off the retail, a price reduction not to be seen for a long time!

The candidate section offers a wide range of customizable items. Bumper stickers, business cards, campaign buttons, door hangers, letterhead and envelopes, literature and flyers and yard signs; LPStuff.com has it all. Click here for the candidate section of our website.

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