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WLPP Closes to New Members, Otherwise No Changes

November 3rd, 2007

tib.gifAccording to the latest email that I received from them, it seems that the World Limited Partnership Program (WLPP) will not be accepting any more new members. They don’t really go into specifics as to why this is the case, other than to simply state that they have a sufficient number of people to maintain their current programs.

However, the WLPP business itself is not closing. For current members, everything will remain the same, except that we will not have to worry about bringing in referrals anymore. The Romanian IT center seems to be doing fairly well and has posted profits again this month, although not as much as I would like. WLPP has also launched a new Internet advertising site called worldadgroup.com, and has decided to maintain bidhire.com as a free job posting site.

Meanwhile, Take the Internet Back (TIB), which WLPP partially owns, is still open to new members and is currently running a 50% off advertising special. Emails from TIB have been consistent and reliable so far, although I still need to get two referrals here to fully qualify for profit shares. Updates on a few other affiliated programs are included in the actual email release:

Hi everyone. Conrad here with some updates. First - we are going to close WLPP and leave it as is. You will be able to login and keep track of everything, including updates, but no one will be able to join any more. We have enough members now to keep our programs going. And now on to other updates.

The IT Center is doing quite nicely and we will have a profit of 0.22 cents US for all of our IT unit holders. That will be added to your accounts within the next few days. We also still have some IT units available, and the info to buy them is down below. We will NOT sell any more after this so please do not ask. There are still 92 units available and they are being offered on a first come-first served basis. Also - do not forget that we offer a 10% finders fee for any work that you refer to our IT Center. A $5k contract could easily net you $500.!!!

Our PV (payment portal) project is taking longer than anticipated as we need to submit papers and documents to regulatory bodies. Please be patient as we are doing all that we can. And there are still 17 PV units available. See info down below if you are interested. We will endeavor to get it done as quickly as possible.

Our new partnered program had some bugs, but they are all worked out now. It is called http://www.worldadgroup.com/links/index.php . We highly recommend that you join as they are
paying us for each package sold since it ties into http://www.taketheinternetback.com. We have a stake in just about everything so please do look them over and join.

One of our other partnered programs is going along, but not as quickly as we thought. We are referring to bidhire.com. We have decided to leave it as a free program forever. Now…before you get all excited…think this way. All the big boys (Google and MSN to name a few) are buying out “Free” websites (think Myspace) with lots of members. We can do the same with Bidhire and share the profits when that happens. And since it will stay free, now is a good time to get the word out to everyone that there is a place to post their talents and get some work. And it is totally free. There are a couple of other websites now doing this - but they do charge! Bidhire has thousands of members now and over 330 posts, and that is a good start. But we really need to get in the tens of thousands of members and thousands of posts before we will be noticed. Like I said - it is free - so lets pull out all of the stops and get it moving too.

For HEC unit owners: As to our adult poker website - that is almost done (finally lol) and can be seen here at http://www.stripherpoker.com/ . There are just a few more additions but we hope to have that all set to go within the next week or two. Thank you for your patience and we expect this baby to go far since it is unique.

One more item. The http://www.taketheinternetback.com website (which we also partially own) has a 1/2 price ad special for the month of November. Remember - these are
double optin members who WANT to see your ads. Go to the website and see what quality advertising you can get at their ridiculously low prices.

We have also decided to offer Vivamin for sale as we are not doing anything with it at this time. It is on Ebay and you can see it by going to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&
item=160174673335&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=006. If any of our members wins the bid, we will throw in some other perks to help you get set up. These funds will be used to promote all of our programs - which will translate into revenues for you all to split. For existing Vivamin unit owners: Please do not forget that you will own PV units instead of Vivamin as we have said before. No one will lose anything.

And now…for a bit of a surprise. We are working on a novel website that we think will be very successful. I can not tell you what it will entail at this time, but it has lots of promise. Here is a hint: how about a brand new Mercedes Benz for only $10? Does that excite you? I thought so and it can happen to one of you. That’s all we will say for now but we hope to have this also ready within a few weeks.

That’s it for now but we will try to update you as much as possible. Once again, thanks for your patience. We really are doing the best that we can and will get everything done as promised.


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