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Royal Surf Revamps Weekly Jousting Game

November 4th, 2007

Okay, I know some of you are probably thinking, “Oh no, not another stupid traffic exchange update!”, but I have been very busy with webmastering issues lately. I have added some new items to the sidebar: 1) You can now subscribe to Karlonia.com in your RSS feed by clicking on the ubiquitous orange chicklet symbol, and 2) I have joined two popular blog carnivals, BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog. Their widgets have been added to the sidebar, and will hopefully improve traffic flow to the site. Several members of these networks have already added me to their “friends” list, and I am currently responding to their invitations and private messages.

Meanwhile, Royal Surf is finally undergoing the process of changing their jousting tournament game and has released this newsletter update that explains the details of the upcoming changes. In keeping with the medieval theme, I have included a video of scenes from a recent European Renaissance reenactment that displays various aspects of early medieval British life, including blacksmiths, fletchers, and carpenters. The song in the background is called “The Voice” and is performed by an Irish band called Celtic Woman.

Greetings Karl;

If you’ve been around for a while, you probably have already heard we are replacing our current Joust Tournament with a brand new game.

If you are among the literally hundreds of new people who have recently joined us, I want to welcome you and let you know this is an exciting time to be a part of RoyalSurf.

The long awaited game, in design and development for many, many months is projected to go live this weekend!

This will take place after this week’s tournament run completes on midnight Saturday, RoyalSurf server time.

There will be a transitional period after the cutoff to make adjustments, remove references to the current joust, and to correct any immediate bugs that raise their ugly heads.

Everything will not change immediately and it may be that things do not start right on the midnight hour.

Here are a few of the things that will be changing:

1. Kingdoms go away. Everyone will now be part of the same kingdom competing against each other.

2. Kingdom and Personal points will go away.

3. There will be no more letter hunt for bonuses. You will now embark on your own quests rather than read about them.

4. Bonuses found during your Quests are yours to keep — you will not miss out on bonuses as can happen in the current joust.

5. Not only do the order of the Quests change weekly, but no quest is ever exactly the same as the time before.

6. The new game is much more visual and fun. It invokes mystery, luck, and even strategy to win; yet remains easy to play.

Some adjustments are necessary to membership levels,surf rates, and bonus links as well to properly balance things out. Some of these are already being done. I assure you in the end, if RoyalSurf isn’t already your favorite traffic exchange, it soon will be!

What follows is some tidbits of explanation that will be added to the site. This is just to pique your interest!

You are about to experience the most uniquely customized traffic exchange game ever created. Unlike other traffic exchange games you may have seen previously, this game is not static, meaning that it changes each time you play.

The game is optional to play, however, you will be missing an opportunity to win extra traffic credits.

During game play you will embark upon a series of Quests to prove yourself worthy. When you start your Quest you will know what your goal is, where you are starting from, and where your goal is. How you get there is up to you.

There are obstacles that you must go around and there are Wild Magic areas that transport you randomly to a new location.

You can gain wealth (credits) by collecting Bronze coins.

You can find magical items that will enhance your combat skill and cursed items that impair your ability to fight effectively.

You can receive a Strength Bonus daily by surfing 50 sites. It is cumulative and improves your combat ability for all your quests.

At the end of each Quest, you must face your enemy in combat. If Defeated you will restart that Quest but you retain any credits you gained.

If Victorious, you receive a bonus based on the number of Bronze Coins found, and you advance to the next Quest.

Tournaments will still run weekly from Sunday through Saturday, ending at midnight RoyalSurf server time. There will be 25 Prize winners of credits - 1st through 25th place.

Each week, up to 20 non-winners are randomly selected to receive a credits prize.

Okay, that should help prepare you for what comes…have thee a “Royal” Day!

His Royal Majesty, The King,

Michael Kelly

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