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Share Ad Space Considers Splitting Into Multiple Sites

November 5th, 2007

share-ad-space.gifRod Baker, owner of the Internet advertising site Share Ad Space, has put forward a potentially significant proposal today concerning the future of his program. The basic idea behind the proposal is to separate the current SAS into a network of individual sites, each with a specialized focus that would cater to a different advertising audience. The possibility of purchasing traffic packages that would allow members to receive 24-hour unique hits across all sites is also being discussed. Interestingly, according to the results of the current poll on the SAS forum, the majority of the membership seems to favor retaining SAS in its present form, so it is unclear whether the proposal will actually be implemented at this point. As usual, the details of the owner’s new idea are republished below:

I was thinking about this today and would like all of your feedback. This won’t happen right away (if we decide its the best way to go) but your opinion and the direction of the site moving forward is on my mind lately.

SAS, technically, is almost 4 different traffic exchanges in one.

My question is, should we split them up?

1. Trade Or No Trade game
2. Memory game
3. Traditional surfer
4. PTP surfer (but may drop this one as its own entity)

Several more features that I would like to bring to the table but feel they may best be served if separate sites are:
1. Paid2BeUnique (as was mentioned in my latest email)
2. Battle Surfer (medieval times where you choose your character: fighter, elf, dwarf, etc and build that character’s abilities, weapons and armor).

I feel if we separate the site into these own entities, new members won’t get overwhelmed with the options in one site, focus on the sites they are truly interested in (whether its one or all of them) and, the most important part, I can then offer upgrades/features that are specific to benefiting THAT particular site theme.

Example: upgrades on the ToNT focus on extra hints, shuffles, etc.
upgrades on the new battle surfer will focus on magic potions, health points, weapon upgrades, etc.
Memory game upgrades could focus on increased credit boxes, etc.

Now, the one truly unique feature in this “family” of sites is that they all SHARE the same advertise page table. That means, regardless of what site you use (one or all) you will still receive UNIQUE hits across the family of sites.

That is something that has bothered me lately. There are POs that own 5, 10, 20 sites and sell MULTI-SITE ad packs but tell there advertisers they are still 24 hr unique hits. Ummm…no…Maybe for THAT site but many of their sites have the SAME members in all sites. That member will then see YOUR page in all 5, 10, 20 sites per day. One unique, 19 hits wasted.

Another feature that I could implement is for the member that joined multiple sites of the “family”, as long as they use the same username/password combination, they are free to transfer any amount of credits to any site within the family.

This would prove specially useful if you want to purchase a weapon in the battle surfer but are a few credits short. What to do? Transfer your credits from the other sites to load up and purchase that weapon.

I think I will keep the ShareAdSpace domain as the placeholder for the P2BU option (the promotion page). Since that will still be the most widely used feature of any site, I feel SAS is the place for it (since SAS is still the originator of the modern day PTP and should take its rightful place back into the PTP category).

The other sites will have domain names that more closely match their theme such as MemorySurfer.com (no, I don’t know if that is available, just giving an example).

I think we may bring more members into the fold this way as well (they may have no interest in SAS today but would like to join one of the smaller, more specialized sites).

Don’t underestimate the value of the unique hit per FAMILY option I mentioned above. It could prove to be VERY powerful. In addition, we could even allow the advertiser to pick and choose which of the family they wish to target (those Dracula games, war games, etc, would best be targeted to only the battle surfer, for example). Of course, most advertisers will still select the entire family for fastest delivery of their campaign (still unique regardless of which site displayed it).

The biggest issue I see is the referral structure. My idea with that is leave the referral structure as is here with SAS (since the P2BU should still be the widest used feature) and then, as the other sites are developed, we have a new program launch and everyone jumps aboard. This would be an advantage to the members who have no downline but a disadvantage to the power builders out there with large downlines (although they still have them here at the core SAS).

Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.
Please come to the forum and place your vote here:

Rod Baker, admin

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