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AdBux Delivers First Weekly Newsletter

November 14th, 2007

The ever-popular advertising program AdBux sent out its first weekly newsletter today, hoping to generate more readership and interest in the site and its new features. Last month I reported on their new AdBux offers section that promises to substantially increase the earnings potential of the program. I can now confirm that they are approving offers; I have had two of them confirmed so far. Now I just need to increase my activity here and this should allow me to receive payment soon. Meanwhile, you can read the content of the newsletter below:

Our First Weekly!
This is our first “AdBux Weekly” update. With nearly 600,000 members and only 20,000 monthly newsletter subscribers, we felt it was necessary to let every member know what is happening with AdBux on a weekly basis as part of their membership agreement. Lots of you joined AdBux to see what the hype was about, viewed a few ads and then left. We want to change this. The earning potential with AdBux is amazing! We recently introduced the AdBux offer program which allows you to earn money by completing free registrations, free trial memberships, filling out surveys, etc. This has greatly increased the earnings of many users! Before the offers, the average payout was $10-$20 with a top payout of a few hundred dollars. Now, we expect the average payout to be around $30-$50 with a top payout of $600-$700.

A Short History
AdBux has been through its share of ups and downs… When we launched in April of 2007, we were the first of our kind. Sure, PTC programs were around before us but we really impacted the PTC market with our distinct features and huge earning possibilities. In the beginning we paid users to click ads that were sponsored by AdBux and small advertisers. We now pay users to view websites backed by true advertisers, 100% paid AdBux ad sponsorships and to complete free, trial and cash back offers. We’ve also introduced several options to maximize your earnings with AdBux. Check out the amazing premium membership benefits, the auto line, the jackpot, and referral sales!

Your Latest Offers
Nike vs Adidas - PAYOUT: $1.125
NFL Jersey 2007-2008 - PAYOUT: $0.675
Maybelline Mascara - PAYOUT: $0.585
Ultimate Cash Giveaway - PAYOUT: $0.27
Giveaway Café - Entourage - PAYOUT: $0.675

Current Jackpot
The current 25% take of the November Jackpot is at $223 and we’re not even halfway through the month! Wow!

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