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SendEarnings.com Review

November 17th, 2007

The website SendEarnings.com, sometimes written as “Send Earnings” or “SendEarnings”, is a multi-faceted GPT (Get Paid To) program that allows members to make money through activities such as receiving paid emails, completing surveys and offers, playing online games, and referring other people to the site. You can sign up to the program for free by clicking on the banner below.


How to Earn Money

1. Paid to Read Emails - Once you are registered, the program will typically send from two to five emails per day to your designated email address. The amount that you receive for clicking on these varies from one to ten cents, with an observed average of about three cents per mail. Getting credited for these is a quick, two-step process: first click on the image that you see after opening the email, and when the next page loads, click on the confirmation link with black text that reads “Click Here to confirm reading this Email” or something similar.

2. Cash Surveys - SendEarnings allows you to complete one survey per day for a $1 reward. Most of these surveys are routed through Greenfield Online. If you “screen out” on the first try, you can keep taking more surveys until you eventually get one that you can qualify for and complete.

Occasionally, additional rewards are possible with these kinds of opportunities. For example, on the first $1 survey that I took through SendEarnings, I got lucky and was invited to a T-shirt product sample study. Eventually, I received another $15 for following through with the product test and also got to keep the three T-shirts for free after the study ended.

3. Cash Offers - These usually involve doing some type of tasks such as signing up for product information, free trials, etc. that originate from various third party advertisers. The SendEarnings program essentially rebates a portion of the funds that they collect from advertisers to members who successfully complete the offers. The payment for these offers varies from 25 cents to $20 depending on the sponsoring merchant and the specific actions required.

In general, offers that require the use of a credit card for product trials, shipping charges, and the like will pay higher amounts, but are more of a hassle because the member usually has to cancel memberships and product orders in order to avoid additional charges to their credit cards after a certain period of time. By contrast, there are many signup offers that are 100% free, do not require credit cards, and usually involve filling out a form with basic demographic information and agreeing to receive advertisements or newsletters from the merchant. These types of offers are much easier to complete, but the amounts per offer are somewhat lower than the ones in which you must actually demonstrate the ability to pay for something.

4. Cash for Shopping - This feature allows you to get cash rebates of up to 40% deposited into your Send Earnings account when you shop with affiliated merchants. Many big name entities such as Barnes and Noble, Overstock.com, American Express, and some 600 others have partnered with the program, so there is a pretty good selection of goods and services available that qualify for these rebates. Many of these companies also offer special coupons and discounts in addition to the cash rebates. Of course, taking advantage of the shopping offers means actually spending money first, so it’s not 100% free. But then again, there isn’t supposed to be any such thing as a free lunch…

5. Cash Games - By playing a variety of card, word, arcade, and sports types of games, you can earn 5 cents at SendEarnings for every dollar that is deposited into your cash games account. This feature is set up through WorldWinner and is separate from the SendEarnings account.

How to Get Paid

You can request payment by check once you have at least $30 in your SendEarnings account. They do pay a $3 signup bonus that counts toward this minimum threshold after you register and fill out your profile information. Unfortunately, they do not offer payments via PayPal, E-Gold, or other forms of electronic payment at this time. Based on reports from other members, checks take about 30-45 days to arrive from the time of initial request at the site.

Is SendEarnings.com a Scam or Not?

Currently, this program does not show any signs of scamming activity. Payment reports were a little more difficult to track down than for more popular programs such as Inbox Dollars or AdBux, but this discussion channel at MyLot contains several favorable mentions of SendEarnings, including a few who have actually been paid. One member at Mike’s Money Making Rants and Raves blog even posted his check of $41.18 as proof of payment. Meanwhile, I am nearing the $30 threshold on my own account and hope to be able to request payment soon. I will update this post if and when I receive payment, or upon receiving any other noteworthy news about the program.

UPDATE 4/15/08: I have now received and confirmed payment from SendEarnings. I have also been automatically upgraded to the Gold Membership, which is now free for all regular members after qualifying for the first payment.

7 Responses to “SendEarnings.com Review”

  1. comment number 1 by: ferdz

    I am not comfortable giving out my real name.
    Can i signup with an alias instead?
    Will I ever have problems getting my check later on?


  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia


    Although it is possible to use an alias for signing up to the offers (the program does not recommend this, but as a practical matter it seems to work), in order to receive a check that you could actually cash or deposit, you would eventually need to use the same name that is associated with your bank account or current ID. Of course, you could still use an alias anyway, but if the check gets printed with a name that is not associated with any of your financial accounts or records, you may encounter problems with trying to cash or deposit the check.

    Personally, I have never had any problems with using my real name for signing up with the SendEarnings program itself; they seem to be legitimate and allow you to easily unsubscribe from their program and mailing list. The only point at which I might seriously consider using an alias is with some of the more annoying offers. If you sign up with enough of them, it can generate a significant amount of spam that will go to whatever email address you use to complete the offers. This is why I suggested using an alternate “spam catcher” email address for actually completing the offers. However, I have not received any spam from SendEarnings even though I used my real name and email address to sign up with the program originally.

  3. comment number 3 by: Joe

    Okay so for everyone out there trying to figure out what is going on these days with all these online scammers… let me tell you that send earnings is a REAL site that pays you.. I’ve got a couple checks and put them in my checking account and it works. I’ve been trying to find other sites to add to my list of survey sites because i don’t trust all the other things like to free trials because you end up paying for stuff but for the survey part it’s ALL LEGIT..that’s all i do anyways.. and they send me emails everyday for paid to click emails and it pays u to click on them and that’s it.. hope that helps.

    I hope everyone makes money because I am so pissed all these people get scammed out of money I hardly believe anything anymore but trust me.. this is real.. i don’t know about getting rich but it is real and free And everything.. GOOD LUCK

  4. comment number 4 by: Steve

    Great review of SendEarnings

  5. comment number 5 by: Margarita Quintero

    Yes send earnings does pay I have gotten paid 3 times. The other website that also pays is inbox dollars you do the same thing there. Read emails, complete offers, and answer surveys. I am happy to see people using these sites.

  6. comment number 6 by: Evelyn

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know sendearnings is a great site! So many different things you can do to earn the money on there and it only took me 6 days to earn a little more then $30. I love this site it’s great, it may take a while for the check to be sent but who cares about that? Really you should just be satisfied your making a little money doing nothing, AGAIN, this site is great! Everyone should at least give it a try !

  7. comment number 7 by: Adam

    Thanks for sharing this information. I personally have read many different Send Earnings Reviews and think this is one of the most legitimate and honest ones I’ve ever read. Thank you for sharing this and helping people make money online because the potential is tremendous for people to be successful working from home. Hope to hear more from you, I’ll be sure to subscribe to your information.

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