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Share Ad Space Report Shows Effects of Geotargeting

November 19th, 2007

geotargeting.jpgAfter running a special promotion over the weekend that attracted more members and advertisers, Rod Baker of Share Ad Space sent out an email encouraging people to target more countries in order to even out the distribution of pages among viewers who are using the manual traffic exchange. The report illustrates some of the self-perpetuating effects of geotargeting in advertising campaigns.

Because most advertisers target only three or four countries (USA, Canada, UK, and sometimes Australia), people from outside of those countries wind up seeing far fewer ads and do not have as many opportunities to support the advertisers with their purchases or referrals. This in turn tends to steer the advertisers toward ignoring these “rest of the world” countries because they don’t see any traffic, referrals, or revenues coming from these locations.

The imbalance has become severe enough that it has created a traffic bottleneck where members who are targeting the “big spender” countries are not getting enough traffic flow to their sites because there are not enough members from these countries to view all of the pages that are being targeted towards them. The Share Ad Space admin is hoping to even things out by getting some of the advertisers to display ads to a wider range of countries, but it is difficult to tell whether or not there will be many members who will follow this suggestion.

Hello members,

I want to thank everyone who participated in our surf bonus this weekend.

Our activity was the highest it has been in over 6 months! I hope each of you got your share of the cash pool. ;)

During this weekend, we also gained over 30 new members and I would like to welcome them as well and hope they become active, productive members of ShareAdSpace.com.

One thing I hope continues is that the members that showed such effort this weekend, PLEASE continue to do so. Spread the word to the people that you know to help increase the activity of SAS.

One issue I would like to address is the country targeting aspect. Many members have voiced their concern over the slow delivery of hits to their campaigns. However, most of them are only targeting three countries: USA, CAN, UK. While that is completely within our terms, please understand that this creates a bottleneck effect with ad delivery. We only have so many members from those three countries and when they get 90%+ of the ad requests, chances are these members can’t/won’t surf all of those sites within a timely fashion.

On the other side of the coin, members from other countries are EAGER to surf and often get disgruntled because they have a very limited number of pages to surf (even if they wanted to surf more). What that means is for those of you advertisers who would like to reach out to more viewers, you are discarding much of the member base by targeting to just a few countries (again, you have every right to do this so don’t think you are breaking terms if you don’t). It’s just that you won’t see the quantity of viewers to your pages as those that do target a wide variety of countries (or the simple ALL COUNTRY option).

If your desire is to gain more referrals, I think the best option would be to target the widest possible audience you can. If everyone targets just USA, chances are, you are competing with several advertisers who are ALSO displaying that same campaign to the same number of limited USA members. Those members have most likely already joined that site or have no desire to now or in the future. Reaching out to the rest of the world may gain you more referrals who have not seen your campaign before (just a tip) ;)

Also, although you can only target 7 countries per campaign, you can easily add a second, third, even fourth campaign of the very same advertisement and target additional countries. At SAS, you have UNLIMITED campaign entries.


I am still well underway on the P2BU feature of SAS and hope it will be available within the next few weeks (I don’t want to hold firm on a date until I am completely confident with the setup). My hope is that all of you will be happy with the end result and feel it was worth the wait.

In closing:

If we continue to see the activity levels near the same highs that we saw this weekend, I will most likely have another $1,000 SURF BONUS coming again very soon.

Of course, we will need to stay active, keep our advertisers happy and the gears in the system will operate quickly and efficiently.

Happy Holidays and Happy Surfing!

Rod Baker, admin

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