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“Idiot Affiliate” Newsletter Provides Internet Marketing Tips

November 22nd, 2007

affiliate-marketing-tips.jpgLeo di Milo, creator of the “Idiot Affilate” Internet marketing blog that I posted about back in June, sent out a Thanksgiving newsletter to his subscribers today. Although I don’t really want to reprint the whole thing, the relevant portions of it contain some good ideas for getting started quickly with affiliate marketing.

These tips provide some solid suggestions for what I (and other Internet marketing enthusiasts) should be doing after consuming this year’s turkey dinner. For even more suggestions on getting started in this potentially lucrative genre, you can also check out my article on how to do bum marketing.

Man, can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a day away? If you blink, Christmas will be here in no time.

Which brings me to a challenge for all you “affiliates” out there. With Christmas just a stone’s throw away, you should be able to smell the money right in the near future and I want to challenge you to take advantage of this (there is no need to let me make ALL the money, right?)

So here is my challenge….

1. Pick a niche, any niche. Look for something that has customers either looking for a solution (for immediate results) or look for some high dollar item that you might find on Amazon (you should be an affiliate for Amazon if you aren’t already).

2. Do a little keyword research into the product you plan on selling. Spend a little time learning about keyword research. Learn how to effectively do keyword research and you will have your ticket punched, guaranteed.

3. Allocate a little money to promote this. If you don’t have any money, Squidoo it and compose some articles on the product you are promoting.

4. Now test, retest, drop the keywords that aren’t converting well. Ramp up the budget for keywords that are.

It is really as easy as that. Most affiliates mess up because they think that promoting e-books is the way to achieve wealth. The real deal is to target the “general public” in your campaigns, not other marketers.

Don’t leave money on the table this Christmas!

All my best,

Leo dimilo

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