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Rod Baker Re-Launches MillionHitsLotto.net

November 24th, 2007

Before the infamous database crash back in July 2006 that took down both of his sites, Rod Baker of Share Ad Space fame had launched a relatively new site called MillionHitsLotto.net. It was essentially a manual traffic exchange, but with an interesting twist. Instead of surfing for credits according to a predetermined ratio, members would surf a certain number of sites (usually seven, but occasionally the numbers were tweaked a little bit) and then choose five numbers on a virtual lottery ticket. Each ticket submitted would give members a chance to win credits according to how many numbers on the ticket matched the lottery results.

The rules were adopted from the New York State lottery; members choose five numbers from 1 to 39, and if anyone managed to match all five numbers with the official results, that person won the jackpot. The jackpot at Million Hits Lotto starts at one million credits and gradually increases each day until at least one member matches the lucky numbers. Members can also win credits for matching two, three, or four numbers, and with a little luck (and perhaps a few referrals along the way) it is possible to maintain a favorable surf ratio while getting free advertising for your sites.

Yesterday Rod Baker managed to resurrect and re-launch the Million Hits Lotto site. From what I can tell, the rules are pretty much the same as before, although it looks like people who were members of the original site will need to sign up again. Here is the official announcement from the program owner:

Exclusive FIRST ALERT to ShareAdSpace members….

Happy holidays to those members who celebrate today.

Back by popular demand: http://millionhitslotto.net !!


1. Win up to 1 million credits to your favorite site(s) simply by surfing MHL and submitting lottery tickets.

2. 3 level downline structure (10%,3%,2%) You will win that percentage of ALL credits that your downline members win. If they win the jackpot and are in your first level, you will win 100,000 credits!

3. Less advertising restrictions: Since MHL does not use Paypal, we will allow search portals, MLM sites, gambling and lottery sites. We will still not allow sites with malicious code, viruses, 0 frames or porn.

4. Addictive game play. Members are eager to receive the nightly email that has the lottery draw and informs them if their tickets are winners.

5. 5 levels of upgrade options. The 5th level is the best. You can receive 1 free referral per week that you are upgraded. The upgrade section displays how many free referrals are in the system so you can make an informed decision on if this is the best time to upgrade.

Hope to see you as an active member at both MHL and SAS.
See you over there!

Rod Baker, admin

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