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Basic SEO Video Tutorials: On Page and Link Building Factors

December 31st, 2007

As a continuation of my last post featuring SEO beginners tips videos, this next production by Aaron Wall gets into a little more detail about on-page factors. These include things happening on your web pages that you can actually control, unlike off-page factors which involve things that happen outside of your website and therefore cannot control directly. Video length is 7 minutes.

Meanwhile, this next video by James Harrison is about ten minutes long and provides some good tips for off-page SEO factors, specifically link building and how to find sites that would be useful for obtaining quality backlinks. He begins with Google’s webmaster guidelines and uses a combination of these and other tools such as FireFox plugins to create an efficient strategy for locating the right sites and getting relevant links back to your site that can significantly increase your traffic potential from Google and the other search engines.

For additional tips on getting more backlinks, you can also read my post on how to get free text links.

SEO Videos: Beginner Tips

December 30th, 2007

After having fun looking through some of the more humorous video clips on YouTube yesterday, I figured that I could also search this increasingly popular and rather addictive media channel for videos on more serious topics like search engine optimization. Although I have already written several articles about SEO on this blog (if you want to see them, just look for the “Categories” heading on the sidebar and click on “SEO Strategies”), I know that some of you don’t want to spend the time to read through a long article and seem to prefer the video format instead.

To that end, here is a nice little beginner’s overview of SEO in the form of a four minute television interview segment. The main speaker is Stephanie Leffler, the senior vice president of Network Solutions, and she does a pretty good job of discussing the basics of SEO, why it is important, and provides a few suggestions for beginners who want to increase the presence of their website in the search engines.

For a different perspective on SEO tips for beginners, Josh Spaulding uses one of his first websites as an example of some common mistakes that are made by people who do not know anything about SEO. If you happen to have a website with some of the “features” described in the following video, this will give you the opportunity to make the necessary corrections and perhaps improve your rankings.

Stupid in America: More Funny Videos

December 29th, 2007

After looking through my search query stats earlier today, I noticed that some of you are finally managing to find my post from July titled “Are Americans Stupid?“. It included some funny videos that highlighted the stunning ignorance of many Americans about subjects such as basic geography and current events. While looking through some of the search results pages from related keywords, I ran across some other humorous videos featuring various displays of stupidity or ignorance. After having a few hours of good laughs while auditioning several clips, I have selected a few of the better ones to share with you here.

This first video is somewhat of a continuation of the ones in my previous post, and was actually produced by the same “CNNNN” parody network. In this episode, an Australian reporter manages to convince some Americans that several well-known landmarks from around the world are actually located in Australia, and even has them making vacation plans to visit all of the “real” landmarks that are secretly in Australia as opposed to the “replicas” located elsewhere.

Next we have a collage of short clips compiled from other websites that feature people engaged in apparent acts of stupidity. Not all of these are things that I would necessarily put into the “stupidity” category - a few of them look more like unfortunate accidents or cases of people getting a little feisty during sporting events. However, most of them would probably still qualify because many of these stunts are unnecessarily dangerous and often involve poor judgement on the part of the actors.

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RoyalSurf Awards Random Upgrades

December 28th, 2007

Although I wasn’t really planning on doing another program update, it seems that I have received an unexpected random upgrade award from Royal Surf today, so I might as well take the opportunity to celebrate and let you catch up on the latest news:

Greetings Karl,

Before we get started, you might want to grab something to drink…and maybe even a snack. This is gonna be a long one. Go ahead, I’ll still be here when you get back. :-)

All set with beverage and yummies? Didja grab some leftover turkey or ham? Ok. Let’s get started!


The first thing I want to give you is the recipients of the Christmas Day gifts:

User ID Gift
234 6 months as a Royal Squire
304 3 months as a Royal Squire
6007 3 months as a Royal Knight
79 6 months as a Royal Knight
2459 $15 Cash added to your RoyalSurf account
2469 $10 Cash added to your RoyalSurf account
8331 5000 Credits added to your account
471 2500 Credits added to your account
537 15 Royal Coins
467 10 Royal Coins

Thank you all for being loyal members of RoyalSurf. The King and I hope that these little gifts will show our appreciation to you. Your gifts have been added to your accounts. :-)

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Paid Survey Market Heats Up As 2007 Winds Down

December 27th, 2007

paid-surveys.jpgToday I received an email from Pinecone Research which seems to confirm what I had suspected may be an upward trend in the volume of market research activity over the past several months. Apparently the number of requests for surveys and product tests is increasing to the point where Pinecone is expecting an increased number of questions and surveys for panelists:

At this time PineCone Research is experiencing a high number of survey requests across many different clients and for the evaluation of many different types of products. In order to identify which of these requests is best suited to you and your household, you may be asked an increased number of questions than usual or receive an increased number of requests to respond about the types of products used in your household. We try to minimize the number of questions/requests needed to identify the various needs of our clients, but as the demand increases, so do the number of questions, as well as the number of possible surveys available to our panelists.

It is important that you answer all of the questions so that we can process your responses. We appreciate your participation and hope that you enjoy being a part of PineCone Research.

This coincides with the increase in the number and frequency of survey invitations that I have been receiving from the other companies. Of course, this is good news for paid survey participants because it means more opportunities for us to make money and receive free products.

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Spam Takes Over More Than 90 Percent of Emails

December 26th, 2007

spam-wars.jpgIn spite of a recent bout of blog comment spam, it seems that I have survived the “spam wars” relatively unscathed so far. According to an article at nvunet.com that cites a recent report by Barracuda Networks, the global proportion of spam has now risen to 90 and 95 percent of all email communications. By contrast, I was receiving a spam ratio of around 55 percent at my old Excite email address that I am now in the process of abandoning. Meanwhile, my Gmail address has remained almost completely spam free, and my recent installation of the WP-SpamFree plugin has practically eliminated automated comment spam here at Karlonia.

The reference to the nvunet.com article was one of the interesting tidbits of information that I picked up from the latest edition of John Graham-Cumming’s anti-spam newsletter, which I have reprinted below for your reading pleasure.

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Southern Chocolate Gravy Christmas Recipe

December 25th, 2007

chocolate-gravy.jpgAfter a fairly long dry spell, Travis Sago of bum marketing fame sent out a “happy holidays” email today and shared with us one of his traditional Christmas recipes that I have not yet tried. Judging by the ingredients and my own experience, it is essentially a chocolate fudge syrup that can be used as a topping for various kinds of desserts or snacks. Apparently Travis uses it on biscuits and likes the taste quite well:

HO! HO! HO!…H-a-p-p-y Holidays.

This is my favorite morning of the year! Doesn’t everything just feel cleaner, more peaceful and beautiful this morning?

I l-o-v-e Christmas morning and I wanted to share with you one of my very favorite southern recipes.

Has been in our family…at least 100 years as it was made by my Great Grandmother…who made it for my Dad’s Mother… who made it for my Dad…who made it for me and my brother and two sisters.

I warn you though…

It is very Southern and when anyone first hears of it they crinkle their nose and say “Eeeew”…

But when they TASTE IT…

The recipe is for a divine “chocolate gravy”…you serve it over piping hot biscuits…for a dessert or for a very special breakfast (like Christmas morning). I tell ya now… that there is absolutely NO FOOD VALUE : )

It is just one of those “guilty pleasures”…

Here it is and I hope you give it a try! It’s really simple:

Southern Chocolate Gravy

1/2 Cup Sugar
4 Tablespoons flour
3 Tablespoons Powdered Cocoa
2 Cups Milk
1 1/2 Teaspoons Butter

Mix sugar, flour and cocoa. Then add your milk. Put in a sauce pan. Heat on a medium to high setting constantly stirring until your gravy thickens (I like mine really thick). Once thick then mix in your butter.

Serve over piping hot biscuits and be prepared to be loved and remembered forever : )

Happy holidays to you and your family!


How to Do Organic Search Engine Optimization

December 24th, 2007

organic-search-engine-optimisation.jpgIn order to achieve the best long-term results from search engine traffic, it is generally a good strategy to use organic search engine optimization methods. However, many people, especially those who are not familiar with SEO jargon, really know what organic SEO means and are even more clueless about how to implement it. Therefore, in this article I will explain the basic principles of organic search engine optimization.

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VisionBedding.com Offers Custom Photo, Sports Bedding Options

December 23rd, 2007

Today I discovered a new site called VisionBedding.com that offers an interesting type of personalized gift service. The company specializes in making various kinds of bedding materials and then customizing them with your favorite photo images dyed into the fabric. This allows you to order specially designed bedding products such as photo blankets, photo pillows, photo duvets, and even photo dog beds. It is also possible to create your own digital images with programs such as PhotoShop and use these to make your own original bedding design.

Most of the bedding products are made from a combination of very soft micro-suede fabric and polar fleece. They can be cleaned with a regular washing machine and dryer; Vision Bedding recommends using a gentle cycle for washing and a low heat setting for drying. The colors of the dyes should not fade with washing any more than they would with normal clothing.

In addition to the customized photo options, you can also choose from several different pre-existing designs such as these from their Sports Bedding section:

sports-bedding-racing.jpg sports-bedding-basketball.jpg sports-bedding-soccer.jpg sports-bedding-surfing.jpg sports-bedding-motocross.jpg

Overall, there are over 500 different styles and themes to choose from. Vision Bedding can also create custom styles for you upon request.

The concept of customized bedding is an interesting one because I have never seen this kind of product offered in regular stores before. This gives VisionBedding.com an advantage over most other retail bedding outlets because they can offer a specialized service and create a unique product for each individual customer. Therefore, if you are in the market for bedding materials and would like to buy something special that no one else is likely to own, VisionBedding.com may be a good place to start.

Ron Paul Continues Fundraising Success, Picks Up Media Coverage

December 22nd, 2007

ron-paul-campaign.jpgEven after the Tea Party ‘07 event, Ron Paul’s fundraising success has continued, surpassing $18.5 million this weekend for the fourth quarter of 2007 according to the official campaign website. Interestingly, after almost completely ignoring Ron Paul for most of the campaign season leading up to the primaries, the mainstream media is beginning to take notice.

A few days ago, CNN published a front page article on Ron Paul’s fundraising efforts and campaign progress. It was relatively unbiased and surprisingly devoid of the condescending tone that I have become accustomed to reading in most media mentions of him. The only potential downside to the article was actually addressed in its content by the candidate himself; he mentioned that unfortunately, the media seemed to be focusing so much of their attention on the campaign’s monetary intake rather than the importance of its message. Frankly, I couldn’t agree more, but for a mainstream media outlet, this still represents encouraging progress.

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Karlonia Battles Spam, Adds Enhanced Commenting Features

December 21st, 2007

comment-spam.jpgAfter several months of being a very minor issue, the problem of automated comment spam suddenly became a significant problem on this blog approximately two days ago. Comment spam, which had been arriving at a very manageable rate of 2-3 messages per day, sharply increased to 5-10 spams per hour recently, prompting me to search for some kind of solution to this in order to avoid being overrun by irrelevant information and dubious outbound links.

Fortunately, I have found something that seems to be working so far. It’s called WP-SpamFree, a WordPress plugin that effectively blocks comment spam that comes from automated “bots” by taking advantage of the fact that most of these bots are not equipped to process JavaScript or cookies, features that most Internet users have enabled by default. Moreover, it is able to block spam without having to resort to turing numbers, captcha, challenge questions, or other “features” that are likely to annoy visitors who wish to make a legitimate comment. If a user happens to have JavaScript and cookies turned off, the plugin is supposed to prompt the visitor to turn these back on before posting a comment.

I managed to get the SpamFree plugin installed a few hours ago, and so far it seems to be working; there have been zero comment spams during a period of time when I was previously receiving at least 20. The only disadvantage that I can see with this particular solution is that it is designed to prevent spam from bots but not human comment spam; however, I can effectively deal with the latter through vigilance and prudent moderation. Meanwhile, you can read about the details of WP-SpamFree and how it works at Hybrid6.com/WebGeek.

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