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NamePros.com Forum Discovered

December 2nd, 2007

namepros.gifWhile searching for sites other than Constant-Content that offer inexpensive non-duplicate content articles, I ran across an interesting forum called NamePros.com. Generally speaking, forums are a good source of information and an integral part of website promotion. You can use them to develop a positive reputation for yourself and your brand name while simultaneously getting backlinks and traffic to your website through your signature.

This particular forum that I discovered today, however, seems to offer a good deal more than the usual routine of making posts while quietly promoting one’s site. Although the main topic of NamePros.com is domain names, it covers many other areas such as web design, website development, programming, search engine optimization, and various aspects of Internet marketing and making money online. They also have a Community section where you can discuss off-topic issues and introduce yourself to the other forum participants.

Perhaps more interestingly, they also have a Marketplace section that is large enough to be considered a forum of its own. There are many separate categories within this section that allow you to offer purchases, sales, or trades of everything from domain names to article content, and just about anything else that would be of interest to a webmaster. The forum even has its own currency called “NameBucks”, usually abbreviated NP$, that can be used for low to mid-value transactions between registered members.

NP$ can be readily bought or sold for actual U.S. dollars through private transactions with other members, or you can purchase/sell NP$ from the forum administrators with the “Bank” feature. You can also earn NP$ on the forum by offering services to other members such as article writing, providing advertising space on your website, or submitting other people’s sites to social bookmarking networks such as StumbleUpon.

Another potentially lucrative feature of NamePros is its AdSense Revenue Sharing program. This allows members to enter their own AdSense Client ID and have their Google ads display in threads where they have participated by making posts. 50% of the revenue generated from the clicks on each member’s Google ads is then shared with the member. The only “catch” is that a member has to have been registered for at least 30 days and must make at least 50 posts in order to qualify for receiving revenues. Of course, qualifying members must also have gone through the process of obtaining their own sites and getting at least one of them accepted for AdSense.

Overall, it seems to be a pretty popular and active forum. According to the site statistics, there are over 74,000 registered members and 392,000 threads. The site as a PageRank of 5 and an Alexa ranking in the 2,000 to 3,000 range. This looks like a good opportunity for webmasters to promote their websites and perhaps make a little extra money by trading services or “flipping” domains.

One Response to “NamePros.com Forum Discovered”

  1. comment number 1 by: Wakish

    Interesting.. I was not aware of this forum.. thanks for the informative post!

    - Wakish -

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