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Viral Website Promotion Method

December 3rd, 2007

While browsing through a relatively new online auction site that is being promoted by Royal Surf, I ran across an advertisement for a viral website promotion method that can supposedly result in a steady increase in traffic to the targeted site. While I think that some of the numbers used for potential traffic volume better represent theoretical hopes as opposed to realistic projections, there is no cost to use the system, so I went ahead and joined the program to see how well it works.

The system originates with a membership site called T-2000 Ultra. I’m not sure why the creators of the site decided to give it a name that more resembles a newfangled vacuum cleaner than a marketing technique, but frankly if it can bring some much-needed traffic to this site, I’m not going to worry about what name they decide to put in the title tag. Upon arriving at the site, the first 80% or so of the text explains how the system is supposed to work and basically sells the idea that it is a good thing to get more traffic to our sites so that we can make more money (as if we really needed to be convinced of this - duh!).

The important part where you can actually start to promote your site is located near the bottom of the page. There are six text ads of other people’s sites down there, all of them displaying with the familiar blue hyperlink color. Below that are six little boxes for entering the ad codes, along with a short registration form that you’re supposed to fill out after you input the codes.

To get the ad codes, you click each one of the six text links and view the site for at least 10 seconds, after which a five-digit code will appear in a bar across the top of the screen. After collecting the codes and entering them in the boxes, you can then enter your site URL and preferred link text, along with name, email, and password in the appropriate fields and click “Submit” to begin the registration process.

At this point, they will send two confirmation mails to your email address. You will need to click the links in both of these to fully confirm your registration as part of the opt-in process (apparently they’re wanting to make extra sure that there are no problems with spam complaints). Most of this information, including the funding source for the site, is explained fairly well in the welcome mail:

This email is just a quick welcome and introduction to your incredible new marketing system for T2000 Ultra.

You should have had 2 emails from us which both contained a confirmation link in it. You must click BOTH links in BOTH emails in order to activate your account with us, so make sure you go and do that now.

Be sure to check inside your junk folder just in case one email has been blocked for some reason.

Once fully activated, you will have full access to our members only area. When you login for the first time, be sure to check that all your details are correct.

From within that members area, you can make changes to your text advert at any time you like and as often as you like. So if you ever start promoting a new website, you can simply change your advert, and the new site will be displayed on every T2000 Ultra member site in your downline.

You can also of course view your entire downline, and see how many sites are displaying your advert at any given time.

Also, one of the most important features in the members area is the marketing page. This has all the tools you need to kick start your new marketing system. Be sure to go to that page as a matter of urgency so you can get the most from our incredible system as quickly as possible.



Just so you know how our system works, how it is funded, and what you should expect, please let us quickly explain:

The system is completely free for you as a member. It is funded by sponsors who pay us to advertise on our site. They pay a small fee, and in return we place small unobtrusive banner ads on our site.

We will also send you one email per month with a sponsors advert inside it. You will not receive any more than one email from us per month.

This arrangement allows us to continue to offer the system to you for free, so please support us and our sponsors by clicking on the banner ads.

The only thing that we require from you to keep using our system for free, is that you accept this one email per month. We think you’ll agree that is a reasonable arrangement for such an incredible system. If any of our emails ever bounce, we will have to terminate your account, so please make sure you “whitelist” our address so we don’t get blocked by your spam filters.


And that’s all there is to it. Please make sure you click the confirmation link in our other email to activate your account, and then start enjoying T2000Ultra.com.

All the best.

The administration Team at www.T2000Ultra.com.

After the registration is complete, you will be provided with your own copy of the site, complete with a referral link, banner ads, and sample email ads for you to use in your promotional efforts. On your referral page, the URL that was provided during signup will appear as the first text link ad near the bottom and will display with the chosen anchor text. As you promote your page, people who click on that ad as part of the signup process will arrive at your site, and you will begin receiving traffic.

The “viral” aspect kicks in when your referrals register and begin to promote the program themselves. Their sites will be placed in the #1 ad position, but your link will still be on the page in the #2 slot and will remain on the page through several more levels of referrals until it is finally bumped off after being at #6. If you can get at least a handful of referrals who can see the viral potential of this method and actually promote the site, the effect will multiply over time and you can receive lots of traffic from all of those ad clicks.

The main disadvantage of this system is that it requires a fair amount of promotional effort on your part to get it started. You will also need a little bit of luck or perhaps some good connections with other website promoters in order to really start the traffic snowball rolling.

However, as long as it’s free, there is really no harm in trying it. Eventually I might make some simple splash pages for it that can be used for promotion in traffic exchanges. After all, it seems logical that most traffic exchange members would be looking for new ways to receive traffic to their sites. If it doesn’t work, there are always other blogs, not to mention forums, blog carnivals, social bookmarking sites, article marketing, and several other venues. But all of those things will take more time.

UPDATE 07/21/08: It seems that the www.t2000ultra.com site now leads to a domain parking page, which means that the program has disappeared. I have removed the broken links.

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  1. comment number 1 by: BASIL

    I found the article very interesting. A website needs to be promoted if you want to sustain its functionality and relevant existence on the net. It is through promotion that a website continues to gain support to live and exist.

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