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Myster-E-Mail Confirmed as Paying Program

December 4th, 2007

Today I received a rather unexpected commissions payment from a PTR program that I joined two days ago, Myster-E-Mail. Although the payment is only 14 cents (PayPal) because I haven’t had a chance to do much clicking here yet, it is always a good sign to see a program owner that is able to pay out so quickly and keep member accounts current:

Sue Roley just sent you money with PayPal.

Sue Roley is a Verified buyer.

Payment Details
Amount: $0.14 USD
Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXX
Subject: commission payment
Note: myster-e-mail


According to the site, the program has about 3,300 current members, which represents a significant potential advertising base. There are some country restrictions on joining; allowed countries include USA, Canada, and most of the European “search friendly” countries with the exception of Italy. For some unknown reason, members from Italy were banned from the program about three months ago. My guess is that there was some kind of cheating ring that was found to originate from this country, but I will probably need to contact the program owner to find out the exact reason.

Overall mail volume is fairly heavy due to the large number of paid-to-promote sites that are advertised. However, it is possible to limit these by going to your user account information page and unchecking the “Paid to Promote” box. When arriving at this page for the first time, it is important to be careful about which boxes you check as interest categories. This program seems to have very strict rules and features that are designed to screen out cheaters, blind clickers, and people who cannot read English. Some of the interest categories will say things like “I am a cheater”, “Delete my account”, and other similar phrases. These kinds of boxes should not be checked; otherwise the program owner may delete your account after a certain period of time.

There are a variety of separate paid-to-click sections on the site in addition to the regular emails that arrive in the inbox. All of the PTC sections contain banners that can be clicked on for small amounts of cash. Again, one must be careful not to click blindly because there are a few “cheat banners” at the bottom of some PTC categories.

Referral commissions are fairly generous at 25%. The program does not have multiple level commissions payments, probably because PayPal’s terms of service prohibits this. There are a variety of different payment methods possible, including PayPal, E-Gold, SFIPay, and even money orders for USA or Canada members. You can also choose to place a hold on random payouts to save up earnings and eventually redeem for advertising or gift certificates.

As with most PTR programs, the real potential for significant income is gained through advertising and promoting in order to attract referrals. Interestingly, one of my online contacts introduced me to a new earnings system last night that addresses this issue. It’s called MoneyList Profits and offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to earn a significant monthly income from paid-to-read programs. The founder of MLP Tushar Sheth has made an informative video that explains the potential of the system here (link to the video is at the bottom of the page). After I have a chance to fully test the system’s effectiveness, I will write up a more detailed review in a separate post.

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