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Libertarians Support Ron Paul, Voter Freedom Act of 2007

December 7th, 2007

libertarian-ron-paul.jpgToday I received a letter from the Libertarian Party notifying our membership that there has been a bill introduced by Ron Paul called HR 3600, officially titled the Voter Freedom Act of 2007, that would establish a national ballot access standard for all Congressional candidates. In most cases, it would effectively lower the threshold to something much more reasonable than the complicated, ever-changing patchwork of state laws and regulations that currently govern ballot access for independent candidates and “minor” parties. According to the text of the bill, prospective candidates could qualify for the ballot by submitting a petition declaring their intent to run for office and collecting at least 1,000 signatures from registered voters within their respective districts.

The Libertarian Party letter from Shane Cory reviews some of our current struggles with ballot access issues and includes a petition declaring our support for the Voter Freedom Act. Members can sign the pre-printed petition forms and mail them back to the Libertarian Party, who will then forward them to Ron Paul. The contents of the letter and petition are published below:

Dear fellow Libertarian,

Enclosed you will find with my letter a very important petition personally addressed to Congressman Ron Paul.

Why a petition to Congressman Paul? Let me explain.

Although the Libertarian Party has made great gains in recent years winning Presidential ballot access in nearly every state (48 of 50 in 2004), we are in a constant battle to remain there and continue as the only viable alternative to the Republicans and Democrats.

Congressman Ron Paul has introduced HR 3600, the Voter Freedom Act of 2007, a bill which would set a reasonable national standard for Congressional candidates to gain a position on local ballots for Congress. Passage of this legislation will be a great boost to our efforts in 2008.

You see, each election cycle, we have to jump through hoops and comply with thousands of state laws regulating voting - even voting for Congress!

The horror of the matter is that these laws are constantly changing and it’s a whole lot harder to hit a moving target!

Why? Because as Libertarian candidates continue to increase in voting strength, and more and more of our candidates are elected at the state and local level, we are a growing threat to the Democrats and Republicans we challenge.

The Republican/Democrat monopoly in politics isn’t good for our country and it is certainly not good for your state and local government as well.

While the Republicans didn’t invent corruption, they certainly seem to have elevated it to an art form. And can you remember back when Republicans claimed they were the party of smaller government?

That’s all changed.

And as for the Democrats, when they aren’t being corrupt and ineffective, they are advancing a socialist cause that threatens to grow government even bigger and to restrict so many of our freedoms.

As a Libertarian, I know I don’t have to convince you of the value of our work!

My friend, we have excellent opportunities in several benchmark states, and I believe that once we clear this gigantic hurdle that is ballot access, we will be able to move forward toward the critical 2008 elections with great momentum.

Our goal of having ballot access in 50 states may still be a few years off due to rising challenges, but I believe we will get there soon.

Recently, North Carolina has been a top priority…and a good example of what we have been up against. While voters have been allowed for several years to register publicly as Libertarians, in 2005 we were “decertified” as a party. There, the state raised the threshold for party recognition, and in the process they even sent letters to our members telling them they were no longer part of a recognized party!

Volunteers from across the Tar Heel state have collected thousands of the needed signatures and we are hiring temporary help to get the rest. In fact, we have been able to get an excellent bargain and are paying a very low rate of just one dollar per signature acquired. And the best news of this situation is that we are in a position to regain a long term position on their ballot in 2008.

Thanks to libertarian activists on the ground in North Carolina, their state legislature reduced the “retention threshold” for ballot access. Once we get on the ballot again, we only have to achieve 2% of the vote on a statewide race to stay on the ballot as a recognized political party.

So far, the national campaign to win a presence on the ballot will cost your party more than $100,000 - in 2007 alone.

For these ongoing efforts, we stand at 27 states where our Presidential candidate is guaranteed to be on the ballot.

In 2004, we made it onto 48 ballots, and our goal is 49 for 2008.

Getting on the ballot in South Dakota (which bans petitioners per signature acquired) and changing the law in Oklahoma (to significantly ease ballot access restrictions in the future) are the top two challenges this year.

And let me add that in Oklahoma, they take pro-liberty activities as such a serious threat that one libertarian activist - who was attempting to control state spending with a ballot initiative - now faces up to ten years in prison for allegedly violation their strict election laws!

In the states where the petition requirements are high and constantly being raised, we will redouble our efforts and get the signatures on the dotted line.

For states like Oklahoma, we will do what we must - which may include litigation.

As you might imagine, this process is both time consuming and expensive.

This fall, it is our number on priority and we have engaged a virtual army of volunteers going door to door and working in town squares, libraries and other places where voters can be met.

We are being forced to collect a record number of signatures.

But we still face additional expenses. To cover the nearly $100,000 we will spend this year, we still need to raise the sum of $47,000 before mid-December.

Shortly after the first of the year, the windows begin to close on our opportunities to win ballot access.

As spring comes, it will be almost too late.

Time is of the essence.

Will you help us now?

Your gift of $50, $100, $35, or any amount will - when combined with those from other members - help us reach our goal of gaining ballot access in as many states as possible all across America.

As you consider your gift, please consider the political price our candidates pay if they are unable to place their names on ballots across our nation.

Consider the personal cost you will bear as government grows, taxes increase and your liberty is stolen from you. When you add it all up, even $100, $250, or $500 is a small price to pay.

I consider our party to be political insurance against the Democrats and Republicans. I consider my support for our party an investment for my children and future generations.

Yours for liberty,

Shane Cory
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

P.S. Ballot access is the single greatest challenge your party faces. The next Presidential election will be here in less than a year. To collect the signatures and file all of the necessary papers is very time consuming - and expensive.

We have the momentum as more and more voters become upset with the status quo of corruption and big government from both the Republicans and the Democrats. Our message is one of hope for our great nation and unless we get the opportunity for voters to vote for our candidates, we will suffer a great setback. For the past two decades, we are the only party that has had a consistent record of membership growth. We are THE only party with a vision to restore freedom and limited government.

Please sign and return your petition with a generous gift in support of this critical ballot access effort today. Thank you.

The petition reads:

Whereas, in our great republic there is no more important right than that of voting in federal elections; and,

Whereas, the Libertarian Party has demonstrated that its platforms and ideas are attractive to millions of voters across our nation; and,

Whereas, ballot access is critical for fair and free elections, now therefore, I send to you my full support of HR 3600, the Voter Freedom Act of 2007, which sets a reasonable national standard for Congressional candidates to be on ballots in all 50 states.

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