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Affiliate Link Tracking Software Explained

December 9th, 2007

Earlier tonight I received an email from the owner of MoneyListProfits.com, a site that offers a system for increasing revenues from PTR programs. They also have an affiliate program that I joined a few days ago, which means that I have been receiving newsletter tips from the program’s founders about how to best promote the program. This seems to be one of the more informative ones so far, so I might as well share it with you here. It covers the topic of affiliate link tracking software and why it is important for affiliates to track the original sources of their traffic and sales.

As I explained in the last email, your success as an MLP Affiliate Partner is very important to all of us at MLP. We want you to succeed and we do not hate sharing our profits with you.

On the contrary, we want you to make as many affiliate profits as you can because you are helping us achieve our primary mission of reaching as many people all over the world as possible.

And in order to do that, I will be sharing with you some great tips that you can use to maximize your affiliate profits.

Today, I wanted to let you know why you should NOT use your default affiliate link. That is because we have given you the power of advanced tracking that 98.87% of the affiliate programs on the net do not provide.

With this power tool, you have the much-needed ability to change your affiliate link instead of using the same link all the time at all the places.

Tracker Management Module

You can and should create new tracker links instead of using your default affiliate link so that you can measure the performance of each traffic source separately.

This is an advanced feature that SuperAffiliates use to make hundreds of dollars each month in affiliate profits.

It is worth $29.95/month, but since we want to help you make the highest possible profits, this module is available free of charge to you. If you do not take the time to understand this module and its use, then you will NOT be making the huge affiliate profits that you can really make.

Your affiliate link with a new Tracker ID will be available from the Tracker Management Module once you create a new tracker.

Benefit Example

* Suppose you buy a sponsored-ad in Ezine ABC and you also place an ad on website XYZ. Both ads cost you $10 each. You use your default affiliate link at both places. You get a total of 100 visitors out of which 3 people buy the MLP Membership. Your cost is not only recovered, you also make a neat profit.

* Now you want to make a much bigger profit and contact both Ezine ABC and website XYZ for their best rates for a much bigger ad spot. Both quote $50 for their best spots.

* You want to start small and your budget for the next campaign is $50 only, so you can place the ad in only one of the two places. Where should you buy the ad spot? How do you know which one is better, Ezine ABC or Website XYZ???

* With the tracker module, you would have used 2 different affiliate links at both ABC and XYZ. Had you done that, you would have known that 55 out of total 100 visitors came from website XYZ but none of them purchased the MLP Membership, so the traffic coming from XYZ was useless. 45 people had come from ABC and all the 3 sales were made to the ABC leads.

* So now you know that if you spend any more time or money at XYZ, it would be completely wasted. With this information in hand, you decide to dump XYZ and place your next bigger ad at ABC. That eventually gets you 10 more sales and much higher profits.

* In this manner, you keep testing new traffic sources and keep increasing your monthly affiliate profits. Whether or not the ad is free or you purchase it, it takes your time and energy to place those ads. Without the trackers, you would never know what is working and what is not!

This is just one example of the benefits of using trackers. You can even use different messages at the same traffic source to test which message is getting you the highest results.

That way, you can use the best profit-pulling ad message at other places also to make the highest possible affiliate profits. Think of the many ways you can use this power tool to analyze your marketing campaigns.

This is the main secret of the success of many SuperAffiliates. You now have the same power in your hands as they do, so start making full use that power from today!

Best wishes for your online success,

Tushar Sheth
CEO, MoneyListProfits.com

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