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TIB Announces New Reverse Auction Site

December 13th, 2007

tib.gif Online business network Take the Internet Back, a division of WLPP, has announced the launch of its latest website venture, Bidsnarf.com. It is being billed as a “reverse auction” site, but after studying the program’s rules and FAQ, I have determined that it is effectively more of a raffle ticket and sweepstakes system. The way that the auction works is that the lowest unique bidder on each item wins. In other words, if two people both bid 1 cent on an item, neither would win because the bid is not unique; however, if only one person bids 3 cents on the same item, then that person would win.

The catch here (yes there has to be a catch, considering the value of some of the prizes!) is that in order for people to place bids, they have to register at the site and purchase “bid credits” for $10 each. Each bid credit entitles the member to place one bid. Therefore, in effect bidding on an item is much like buying a raffle ticket for $10 plus a small amount for whatever your guess is for the lowest unique bid price. There are also odds of winning listed for the prizes, which makes it seem more like a sweepstakes or drawing type of system than a regular auction.

Membership in the TIB program is free. Members are awarded profit shares for reading email advertisements and receive cash earnings based on the number of shares owned approximately once per month. Earnings are derived from the sale of advertising at TIB and other businesses that are part of its network. Here is the full update about their latest project:

Just a few quick announcements and then a very special announcement for all TIB members. First, just a reminder that we have a very special ad program going on for our members only. Log into your TIB account and you will see it there. This is just a holiday special and then we will go back to our old rates, so do take advantage of it as quickly as possible before it disappears.

We are averaging between 300-500 new members a day on TIB. With a little more eeffort on everyones part, we could easily double that. This is a TIB community project so please do your part. If you received this email, then you are part owner of TIB. Help us to help you earn more in the future. Get the word out about TIB!!

This is the update that we promised you - the one with a special announcement. We have developed a new and unique website that we hope will be very well received by the internet public. It is called http://www.bidsnarf.com . It is a reverse auction website. What is that? It means that the lowest UNIQUE bidder wins the auction. Just in time for the holidays, this website is offering everything from a IPOD to a Mercedes, and it only costs $10 to bid. The odds of winning the Mercedes are only 1 in 6000. You can not beat those odds anywhere on the internet. We expect a solid response to our ads and to our press releases. Please go there and look it over now, and by all means join and bid. $10 gets you one bid and access to a treasure trove of downloads.

And now for the really good news. This website is 10% owned by WLPP and 10% owned by TIB. That means that if you are a member of either of these programs, you are also a part owner of Bidsnarf. And since this is totally unique program with terrific items up for auction, we expect to see a lot of activity there. We will also give 50% of all NET profits to the Save the Children Foundation - so you will be helping to feed and clothe children around the world. Before you start thinking that 10% ownership is really nothing - how would you feel if you owned 10% of Ebay? Help us promote this website by using the “Tell a Friend” feature in the members area. We will be running ad programs starting tomorrow (Friday Dec 14th), and a major press release program is scheduled to begin on Monday (Dec 17th). If you have contacts in the media that can help us to get the word out, then please contact us at accounting@itconsultinglive.com and we will send you a copy of the press release.

Let’s work together to make this a huge success. Doing so will mean more and bigger payouts for all of you. Please do not let this one get by you. If you think that someone else will do it, then we will not succeed. We need every one of you to spread the word about Bidsnarf. It is a totally viable website, with a unique concept, offering auction items that everyone wants and needs. JOIN! SPREAD THE WORD! BID! WIN!!!!

TIB administration

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