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The Owl Post Payment Report

December 15th, 2007

Although I wound up writing a “book” of an email to request it, I finally received my first payout from the Owl Post PTR program yesterday. It was not for my entire balance, but I did manage to get most of it:


In case you’re curious, here is the relevant excerpt from my email where I requested payment. The first (unquoted) part was some discussion about advertising and clicking through on the site support links.

Now that you seem to be caught up on November payouts, I would like to put in a payment request for December. Amazingly, I’ve never requested payment at this program since I first joined back in 2004, so this will be my first time. Part of the reason for this is that I have had problems with trying to request payment from the Owl Post site. Whenever I click on the link from there, it launches some sort of Outlook Express application that I can never get to work. I never use Outlook Express and cannot seem to configure it for sending mail, so I have never been able to get a request to go through from the site. It might be a good idea to set up a regular contact form for the payment requests so that we don’t have to worry about issues with different email clients.

Alternatively, you could just do a rotating random payout system where members who reach a certain minimum threshold are paid out for whatever is in their cash balance as long as funds are available. If there are not enough funds available to pay out all members, then those members who have waited the longest (as determined by the date of their last payout or the date that they joined the program for those who have never received a payment) are paid first, and everyone else is eventually paid according to date order.

This would save members the hassle of having to make actual payment requests and would give you a system that would insure an element of fairness even when funds are limited. Members who do not want to be paid their cash balances because they want to redeem for advertising in the future can indicate this in their interest section or profile (many programs allow members to do this by checking or unchecking a box).

Well, this email is starting to get longer than I had originally planned on, so I guess I had better wrap it up. Hopefully your recent progress with revenues and payouts will stimulate more interest in the program and lead to an overall increase in the active membership. Now that I’m running an active blog and getting more seriously into Internet marketing, I need all of the advertising potential that I can possibly muster!

Later that day Michele Ballard replied (again, this is only the relevant excerpt):

Generally if people have trouble with the request payment button they just email me directly. From now on if you need to reach me, need help, want payout, etc just email me directly at cheleb(at)ocdirect.net :) I haven’t went in to look at your account, 1 I don’t have your user id number and 2 I’m kind of scared of. lol If you ain’t been paid since 2004, I may have to pay you in the easy pay installment plan. :)

Our scripts aren’t set up to do any type of random payouts. For the most part the system seems to work. If people want payout, they request it. I’ve put it in emails a thousand times that if people need me, to email me and I’ve put my email address in the emails and it’s at the bottom of every email. :) I also don’t see what the huge hassle is to requesting a payout. lol You click the request button, the email form pops up, the subject Payout Request and your user id number is in the subject, you hit send, that’s it. :) Each time you have hit request payout over the years, all you had to do was click on send in the corner.

The length is fine, I was trying to figure out what to do tonight and reading your book took up some of it. :)

Well, she did not seem overly impressed with my payout idea, but thinking back on it, I realize that I probably should have explained it better. What I was hoping for was to persuade her to implement some type of regular payout system with the program so that the membership as a whole would see it as a reliable (although admittedly small) source of income and be more motivated to do some advertising for it.

With more advertising, the membership would likely increase to the point where the program could attract more outside advertisers who would be willing to pay higher prices to run ads there. This would be a win-win situation; more advertising sales for the program owner and more earning opportunities for the members. Since I happen to have a lot of redeemable points built up at the Owl Post, this would be a benefit for me also because I would have a larger target audience for advertising various other programs or even this blog.

However, I did manage to get six smiley faces and three instances of “lol” out of her (there was one more of each in the part that was not quoted above), so I’m probably doing something right…

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