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Libertarian Party of Texas Makes Last Drive for Candidates

December 16th, 2007

libertarian-party-texas.jpgOur Texas LP is making its last push to recruit prospective candidates before the filing deadline on January 2. Even though the actual election is still more than ten months away, time is running out for getting the necessary paperwork completed in order to get on the ballot. I have reprinted Wes Benedict’s email below just in case any of you who might be eligible to run for office in Texas and wouldn’t mind seeing your name on the ballot will have the information needed to make an official application.

Dear Texas Libertarian:

I need you to fill out an application to be a candidate and send that back to me as soon as possible. Please do it this weekend.

We are behind on candidate recruitment. We have about 79 candidates right now, but there are less than three weeks left to reach our goal of 250 nominees.

I hope by now most of you understand how important it is to have an army of Libertarian Party candidates on the ballot helping to build our movement. I understand most of you won’t spend any funds or much time on your campaign and that’s okay. I also understand that some of you will be running very active campaigns and that’s wonderful.

Whatever your plans, please just get an application in to me now. If you change your mind later, you can always withdraw.

The absolute deadline for filing an application is 5:00 PM on January 2, but waiting till the last minute makes my work incredibly difficult. If you wait, that means I’ll be asking other people to run for the same position, and if you both file at the last minute, then I won’t have time to offer one of you a different race where we have an opening. Additionally, that means I will have wasted my finite amount of time recruiting a candidate we didn’t need, and leaving an office unchallenged where we wanted a candidate.

Once again, I want you to fill out this simple application, get it notarized, and send it in right away.

Yes, I’m cutting my Christmas time short and I will be working through New Year’s Day, but I really don’t want you to wait that long to send in your application. Please do it now.

Visit here to find out what districts you live in:

Then visit our candidate page to find out where we still have openings:

Pick an office, then fill out this application:

To help you, we have some sample pre-filled applications in the “How to file” section of our candidate resources page:

Get the application notarized. Then Fax it to 512-233-0613 and mail the original to:
Libertarian Party of Texas
PO Box 41059
Austin, TX 78704

If you think you’re already a candidate but you’re not listed on our candidate page, then either your application is on its way to us, or we don’t know about you.

Feel free to phone me anytime from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (make that 11:00 PM), 7 days a week until January 2 at 5:00 PM. I’d be happy to spend time explaining the process, and I’m sure I can convince you that you’ll be helping the Libertarian Party by filing for office.

However, much of the time I’ll be referring you to Arthur DiBianca , our Assistant Director, who is handling most of the application details.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Texas

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