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Get Your Ron Paul Fix: Recent Links and Videos

December 18th, 2007

ron-paul.gifSeveral notable stories and videos about the Ron Paul campaign have surfaced over the past week, so this is probably a good time to collect some of these into a post and prepare them for consumption by “Ron Paulers” who are eager for positive messages and news coverage.

Probably the most significant event of the campaign so far occurred last Sunday when over $6 million was donated in a single day as part of the Tea Party ‘07 “money bomb” fundraising effort. With sufficient cash on hand, supporters are hoping to increase public awareness and name recognition ahead of the start of the presidential primary season in January. December 16 was the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, a famous act of rebellion against unfair taxation that marked the beginning of the American Revolution and subsequent independence from the British.

Meanwhile, one of the most popular videos recently is this one titled “Ron Paul: A New Hope”. It is an uplifting montage of news coverage, clips from the debates, and notable facts about Ron Paul that significantly separate him from the other candidates. Length is 8 minutes, 44 seconds.

For those of you who really need to get your “fix” of Ron Paul-related footage and have a little more time on your hands, I found this video at JosefNagy.com that shows full coverage of the Boston Tea Party meeting in Faneuil Hall, where over 700 supporters traveled through snow and ice storms to listen to presentations by several guest speakers, including the candidate’s son Rand Paul. The other speakers were Jacob Hornberger, Pedro Teixeira, Lee Button, James Forsythe, Carla Howell, John McManus, Vijay Boyapati, and Corie Whalen. Tom Moor was also on hand to provide narration for historical characters and reenactments.

The full video is nearly three hours long (actually 165:51 according to the timer), so you might want to settle in with a good meal and beverage for this one, or bookmark the site for multiple viewing sessions. It should be noted that the first 15 minutes of the video is somewhat of an aberration; the camera was pointed at the audience during this period due to some sort of error in the filming. Fortunately, this was one of the less remarkable segments of the event anyway, as the real action begins when the camera is refocused toward the stage and Jacob Hornberger begins speaking.

Finally, after discovering an interesting political essay and news article site called Libertarian Underground, I found an excellent article written by Carl Fiser from the independent news publication News Long Island. It is one of the few news stories out there (not including those that come from the campaign or its supporters) that actually calls out the mainstream media on its increasingly blatant bias against Ron Paul and the near-blackout of any substantial coverage of his candidacy.

Meanwhile, there are some very good observations and noteworthy quotes about this whole phenomenon in the comments section. In fact, some of the comments are both long enough and suitably well-written to be published as separate articles themselves. Although it is a pretty long read (198 comments at the time of this writing), I would encourage you to look through them if you have any interest in current events regarding politics and the media.

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