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SAS Retires Debt, Considers Referral Replacement Feature

December 19th, 2007

share-ad-space.gifRod Baker, the owner of Share Ad Space, has been one of the more dynamic program owners in the traffic exchange and website promotion industries. His latest proposed tweak to the SAS program involves the idea of allowing members to replace inactive or “dud” referrals after surfing a certain number of pages. While there is no guarantee that the “fresh” referral would remain active, it does represent a significant step forward in combating the problem of inactive and worthless referrals. Meanwhile, Rod has also managed to officially retire the site debt from the previous version of SAS that was derailed last July by an unfortunate lightning strike and subsequent loss of data by the hosting company. Details of this latest update are posted below:

Hello everyone,

A new poll has been setup at our forum. Here is its contents:

A new idea to present to the masses.

Since the advent of the free referrals this past month, while many are excited with the new features, many are upset that so many referrals are inactive.

Therefore, a new idea came to mind…How about if you have the ability to trade them in for a new one?

My idea will work like this…You must surf 1,000 pages to be eligible to do this. You then choose any 2 referrals you wish (1st level only of course) and then the system will random select a NEW referral for you. Of course, this NEW referral may be inactive as well but … the other 2 weren’t doing you any good anyway, right?

You are only eligible AFTER surfing 1000 pages. You can’t “stock up” on pages surfed either. Whether you surfed 1000 or 10000, after you do a trade in, your surf count resets back to zero so those of you that have a TON of dud referrals, be sure to trade them in as soon as you hit 1000 pages.

This way, that “dud” referral has a little bit of value. Eventually, most of these inactives should be purged from the system and this new feature may or may not be useful (although we will probably ALWAYS have a portion of members falling inactive for some reason or the other).

Let me know what you think and I can get busy on this coding tonight.

You can go directly to this poll by visiting this page:


A few days ago, after 17 months of a long road, I finally paid out the old debt from the original SAS. It took 17 months but $13,000 has been repaid. I want to thank EVERYONE who had been so patient.

Now, because of this final payout, inactive deletions have resumed once again so PLEASE, I urge everyone who wishes to keep their SAS account intact to login and surf at least one page. We delete inactive users who do not surf one page within 60 days. Remember, although you don’t earn CASH directly with the new SAS, you CAN win cashable credits while surfing, free referrals and hints/trades. The best part is, you can SELL back your ad credits AND the hints/trades for CASH!

That’s right! You can use SAS for a CASH ONLY site (you will need to manually sell these items back in the system but its all a quick, immediate transfer).

Couple this with the new THREE LEVEL downline (10%/3%/2%) and … there should be something of interest to almost everyone at SAS. Games to play, contest to win, ad credits and cash credits to earn.

Come join in on the fun!

Rod Baker, admin

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